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life, physical, and mental characteristics about Tetanus

o solely teach everyone about thegood things and bad things ( Mostly bad things ) about the tetanus pathogen andto benefit my own education. Anther reason I'm doing this report is that I thinkit will ... find them out, turn the page!! Although the Clostridium Tetani is one of the world's most dangerouspathogens (Bacteria). Clostridium Tetani are not parasites like AIDS or Polio,in fact is a saprophyt ...

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Water Pollution, Is it as big of a problem as we think? Speaks of the factors that cause pollution, the effect that pollution has on our world today, and what it has in store for the future if things

n are contributing factors in this problem. Here are some things that are associated with pollution:Pathogens: Pathogens are disease causing bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. They usually come from hum ... hogens are disease causing bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. They usually come from human sewage. As pathogen numbers increase, so does the risk of human health.Biochemical Oxygen Demand: Organic waste ...

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Viruses, Ebola

l Atlanta. Since then, there have been five more included in this family.It is a biological level 4 pathogen, meaning there is no known cure. It is one of the hardest and most deadly to work and study ...

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Leprosy ; includes what bacteria it is caused by, the orgin of the disease, how many people are affected by it in the united states and in alaska during 1999 and 2000, and more. 3 pages long.

r name for leprosy is Hansen's Disease. Leprosy is caused by the organism mycobacterium leprae. The pathogen that carries it is bacteria. Throughout the years people have suspected that inhaling and t ...

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Provides you with all the things you have to know about rotavirus.

Rotavirus is a communicable disease that can be spread around easily. It is caused by the pathogen. Diarrhea and gastroenteritis is a common cause of rotavirus for children. It is mainly fou ...

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Chlamydia, a sexual transmitted disease.

eling while urinating, itching in the genital area, and swollen aching testicles. It is caused by a pathogen called Chlamydia Trachomatis.Chlamydia is spread by having unprotected oral, vaginal, or an ... c to one, there is another choice. The doctor makes the selection for you.Chlamydia isn't a typical pathogen. It is very small in size like a virus and has some characteristics like a bacteria. The on ...

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An essay describing the "flesh eating disease" (necrotizing fasciitis)

ccurs in chains or pairs of cells. Several different factors can be connected to the success of the pathogen in a host. This includes things like rapid multiplication of the bacteria and quick spreadi ...

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Cholera and its Implications for the Modern World

s small, and comma-shaped (see appendix p.7 ). Vibrio cholerae is a gram-negativebacteria that is a pathogen of humans. The bacteria moves by means of flagellum. Thebacterium produces a toxin that cau ...

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How Human Behaviour May Influence Health And Disease

just the absence of disease.Infectious DiseasesAn infectious disease is caused by the invasion of a pathogen. A pathogen is an organism which invades the body causing disease. Infectious diseases are ... umans (carriers) or by vectors e.g. insects, fly's. In other words, it must be possible to pass the pathogen from one individual to another. Such infectious diseases include: colds, influenza, T.B, me ...

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SERRATIA MARCESCENS by Carter Stanley is a background research paper for a science fair project based on the virus Serratis Marcescens and its antibiotics Tetracycline and Streptomycin.

SERRATIA MARCESCENSSerratia marcescens is a pathogen that at one time, was considered to be harmless. However, testing conducted in the 20th cen ... Serratia marcescens was no longer thought to be innocuous.Serratia marcescens is actually a hostile pathogen. A pathogen is an agent that causes disease or infection. Pathogens can usually be identifi ... ens can usually be identified by their ability to metabolize lactose. Fermenters of lactose are non-pathogenic and non-fermenters are pathogenic. Anti-pathogenic agents, called antibiotics, are used t ...

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Disease Notes

n that disturbs, or has the potential to disturb the bodies functionsInfectious disease-caused by a pathogenNon-infectious disease-caused by a malfunction of the bodyContagious-easily spreadNon-contag ... used by a malfunction of the bodyContagious-easily spreadNon-contagious eg. Oppurtunistic infectionsPathogens-disease causing organismsMicro-organisms-too small to be seenMacrorganisms-can be seen wit ...

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Evaluation of Vaccination Programs and Quarantine in Australia

ionVaccination, or immunisation, is the process of making people resistant to infection caused by a pathogen. It involves the giving of an injection or an oral dose of a vaccine that produces immunity ... unity is the injection of antibodies that another organism has produced in response to a particular pathogen. However this does not provide long-term immunity.Disease Cause Vaccination ...

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How to prevent community-acquired MRSA

CA-MRSA is becoming the predominant pathogen associated with sever invasive and soft-tissue infections in many parts of the United State ...

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Describe one named infectious disease in terms of its: 1) Cause 2) Transmission 3) Host Response 4) Major Symptoms 5) Treatment 6) Prevention 7) Control

nt stages in the life cycle of the protozoan cause the different symptoms of the disease:- When the pathogen first enters the blood, it travels to the LIVER CELLS, where it hides from the immune syste ... ent set of antigens (they stimulate the immune response). The host produces antibodies to fight the pathogens, but the antigens continually change, so the immune response is not effective. The merozoi ...

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The Common Cold or Rhinitis

han 200 different viruses known to cause the common cold, however the rhinovirus is the most common pathogen. The common cold is spread through airborne droplets. This means that the virus enters the ... cold because they still have an immature immune system and haven't yet developed resistance to most pathogen-causing diseases. Children have about 6 - 10 colds per year. This is primarily due to expos ...

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Chemistry Research Task - Dairy Milk Processing

products.The primary objective of processing milk is to extend the milk's shelf life and eliminate pathogens that could be harmful. Heat treatment is the most common processing technique and pasteuri ... eatment is the most common processing technique and pasteurisation destroys the most heat resistant pathogen, M. tuberculosis.Centrifuges are used in dairy processing to remove the globular milk fat f ...

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Effects Of Chemical Warfare

whose job is to kill invadingforeign cells. The body also has cells that act as spy's they detect apathogen. When a chemical gets into the immune system our bodies specialcells some times end up bind ... ten we are seeing the opposite. To be infected you have to come into direct contact with the pathogen. Thecontact must be specific a cut, puncture wound, inhalation, or ingestion,these are the ...

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True Nature Of Prions

unveiled a new type of infectious agent quite unlike all currently known bacteria and viruses. This pathogen, which causes fatal damage to the brain and surrounding central nervous system of humans an ... causing these diseases consists only of protein, with no nucleic acid genome (all previously known pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, contain nucleic acids which enable them to reproduce). Whil ...

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Non Infectous Diseases

"" high blood pressure 8. Noninfectious diseases "" diseases that are not transmitted by means of a pathogen 9. Tumors "" masses of tissue 10. Benign "" noncancerous 11. Malignant "" cancerous 12. Met ...

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Basic discription of microbiology

ms that are usually too small to be seen with the naked eye.According to Jenson and Wright (1989) a pathogen is a disease-producing organism.They also describe microbes as organisms that are often too ... ce sexually by conjunction. A bacterium is a waste producer of products and secretions. This allows pathogens to invade their hosts to cause disease some of these harmful diseases are Scarlet fever, a ...

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