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CURYIn Roman mythology Mercury is messenger of the gods, and son of the god Jupiter. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun. Its distance from the sun is approximately 58 million km (about 36 millio ... that of the earth. Mercury revolves about the sun in a period of 88 days. Radar observations of the planet show that its period of rotation is 58.7 days, or two-thirds of its period of revolution. The ...

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Beta Pictoris

BETA PICTORIS: PLANETS? LIFE? OR WHAT?JARAASTRONOMY 102 SEC 013The ultimate question is; Is there a possibility tha ... ARAASTRONOMY 102 SEC 013The ultimate question is; Is there a possibility that life might exist on a planet in the Beta Pictoris system? First, one must ask, Are there planets in the Beta Pictoris syst ... estion would be impossible to answer if one did not answer the most basic questions first; Where do planets come from? and do the key elements and situations, needed to form planets, exist in the Beta ...

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"Venus: Our Sister Planet?" is short essay that compares Venus to Earth. It has 795 words and 5 references.

"Venus: Our Sister Planet?"Venus is known as the jewel of the sky. It was thought to be two different planets by ancien ... s the morning star and the evening star. Early astronomers also referred to Venus as Earth's sister planet. Both are considered young planets due to the low number of craters and both are similar in s ... om the Earth in many ways. The one big difference that I noticed was the surface temperature of the planet. It reaches a surface temperature of 900° F. This is hotter than Mercury, which is closer ...

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Space Exploration. Is space exploration worth it? How Mars can help people if it was terraformed.

ages of this would be greater than the cost of space exploration.We always knew Mars as our "Sister Planet" because of the many similarities it has with Earth. It has all the necessary elements to sup ... years ago and Mars presently is amazing. When the Earth was first formed, no oxygen existed on our planet and it, too, looked like a desolate, unlivable planet. The atmosphere was made entirely of ca ...

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Proud or Ashamed of Earth?

If one day our planet were to be visited by aliens of a highly civilized planet, would you be proud to show them ou ... rs. They told me that, while not everything was bad and that there was a lot of great things on our planet, they would not be returning to visit. There was too much they had never seen before that was ...

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VenusVenus is an extraordinary and interesting planet. The colour of this beautiful planet is grey and orange, it has spots of orange on it to make ... eautiful planet is grey and orange, it has spots of orange on it to make the planet stand out. This planet has very unique features and qualities like its temperature, size, weight/mass and descriptio ... erature, size, weight/mass and description. I am very glad to have researched on such a magnificent planet.Every planet has a description, most of the planets descriptions are dull unlike Venus. This ...

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Earth vs. Mars

Earth vs. Mars: The Two Planets Weigh InMars is the most Earth-like other world known, and with the two planets on the verge ... two planets on the verge of their closest approach in recorded history (Aug. 27), it's time for the planets to weigh in. In this tale of the tape, we present the most pertinent and interesting facts t ... .Temperature Way too hot in summer or way too cold in winter, depending on locale, or both. Planetwide: 47.3 degrees Fahrenheit (8.5 Celsius) over land areas. Warmer if surface air above ocean ...

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Precis for the little prince

meeting a little prince with a seven-year-old influential mind. The little prince came to save his planet and his beloved rose from baobab trees and had asked repeatedly after many sketches of sheep' ... but a sheep that could eat the baobab trees. He told me about his adventures from his star to five planets and the important things about life he learned from the animals he met along his way, for ex ...

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Planet Mercury

Our solar system consists of the sun and nine planets. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Mercury was named after the Roman God of Commerce ... cause of the way it quickly appears and disappears from Earth's view.Mercury is the second smallest planet in the solar system; Pluto is the only planet that is smaller. Earth's diameter is about 7,20 ... ,200, while tiny Mercury has less than half of that size, about 3,000 miles in diameter. Mercury, a planet, is smaller than Ganymede, a satellite revolving around Jupiter.One of the features of Mercur ...

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Kepler's Laws

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion:Kepler's First Law (1609): The orbit of a planet about a star is an ellipse with th ... about a star is an ellipse with the star at one focus.Kepler's Second Law (1609): A line joining a planet and its star sweeps out equal areas during equal intervals of time.Kepler's Third Law (1618): ... equal intervals of time.Kepler's Third Law (1618): The square of the sidereal period of an orbiting planet is directly proportional to the cube of the orbit's semimajor axis.Kepler's first law(the law ...

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Extraterrestrial Life

Is Earth the only planet within our solar system or even the universe that yields life to sentient beings? This is a q ... raterrestrial lifeExtraterrestrial life is defined as life that may exist and originate outside our planet Earth. Its existence is currently hypothetical, meaning there has yet to be any evidence of e ... aches of Earth. In the last few years astronomers have gained the technology with which to discover planets around nearby stars and it's been discovered that most stars do have planets. This means tha ...

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Magazine report by aliens

n is based on their pathetic forms of transportation which they use to travel around their impotent planet. The younglings on this planet seem to be interested in these machines even though these vehi ... Lamborghini seems to be as pathetic in all ways just like the inferior species that dominates this planet. With such an inferior way to travel around their planet, these ‘humans’ shall not ...

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of these years.When the truth is unveiled the whole world will know that there is life beyond this planet and that we could soon be visted by another lifeform.Once this creature reaches the earth the ... we should find someway to either protect ourselves against them or find some way to live on another planet.We should do anything to avoid being destroyed by this unknown creature.The people of earth s ...

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The Black Sheep

ch are found in our universe help another body. Our sun is what has enabled there to be life on our planet. The stars as far away as they are, light up the sky for us at night, and have helped us navi ... are, light up the sky for us at night, and have helped us navigate this rock we live on. The other planets that share our path around the sun, all have a unique gravitational pull, which ensures that ...

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A Planet For Inquisitor

type: 2Cv Orbital bodies: 6: d-class; M-class; Cv-class; F-class; A-class; d-class >>ATTACHED PLANETARY DATA DOWNLOAD<< >>TRANSMITTING<< >>RECEIVED<< Planet: Angelu ... atellites: 2 Natural satellites one mined for Adamantium and one Agriculturally farmed Moon.>>PLANETARY DATA DOWNLOAD COMPLETE<< Founding: Angelus Cholorium Minor was originally settled du ...

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Gravity Gravity is a "pull" by all of the planets. All planets have a smaller planet or two circling around them, we have only one smaller pla ... er planet or two circling around them, we have only one smaller planet circling us and we call this planet the Moon. Our moon pulls on the Earth giving the Earth a tilt. This tilt causes the Earth to ... als that are constantly exploding. These constant explosions give off heat, which gives life to our planet. When the sun lets out these explosions, it throws out gases and metals, which are floating a ...

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Planets are basically just like a bonch of rocks flying

Planets are basically just like a bonch of rocks flying around and orbiting the sun. But they can be ... think about, also in space is there gravity? I will answer qustions like this and many others about planets.Have your herd about in space there is no gravity? Well there is, infact you are just in fre ... y would land at the same time. See there is gravity but when you are in free fall you weigh nothing.Planets are just floating around the sun right, wrong the fly around that big ball of plasma in an o ...

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Is there life of planets circling other stars?

There maybe life living on other planets. But the chance is small. And we haven't found any life on any other planets till now.As a p ... d into living things. As the requirement is so restrict, there is only tiny chance for us to find a planet like this.But we will never lose heart. Now that one planet- earth can bear life, why isn't t ... his.But we will never lose heart. Now that one planet- earth can bear life, why isn't there another planet which can do the same in such an enormous universe? The main problem is that we haven't disco ...

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re as followed:Why the ocean and the seawaters don’t mix together ever, why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, the intelligence of geese and other birds to fly south when it starts to get cold, h ... er, had they mixed would the waters become toxic to us? My second wonder is; why isn’t Pluto a planet anymore I mean in elementary school we were taught this little rhyme to help us remember the ...

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