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Explode is a magazine that contains various ideas and issues that these Earth-monkeys are interested in. This magazine is divided into four sections which are categorised under garage, sports, games, gears, and chicks. This magazine should be a good source to use to obtain an insight into how these worms live and how we shall annihilate them.

The first section is based on their pathetic forms of transportation which they use to travel around their impotent planet. The younglings on this planet seem to be interested in these machines even though these vehicles can not exit their atmosphere nor fly. The various types of transportations that are described in this magazine are cars and motorbikes. Their most advanced car which they seem to prize called the Lamborghini seems to be as pathetic in all ways just like the inferior species that dominates this planet. With such an inferior way to travel around their planet, these ‘humans’ shall not be difficult to eradicate.

Another topic which these Earth-monkeys seem to be very interested in is the opposite sex which they seem to call ‘chicks’. Throughout the magazine, these ‘chicks’ are disgracefully dressed with little clothing that just covers small areas of their anatomy. This just demonstrates the little or no advancements since the beginning of their time with their intelligence for they still live in and dress in barbaric conditions. These ‘chicks’ may seem very repulsive to us though they may be a very good tool in our advancements over these parasites for the Earth-monkeys seem to be infatuated with their physical features.

The parasites also seem to be interested in the technology which surrounds all of them that they seem to use for such things as daily living or entertainment. Many of them seem to enjoy playing ‘games’ on ‘consoles’ which just confirms our suspicions of their inferior brains for they are entertained by such dreary forms of technology. The Earth-monkeys also seem to like listening to middling ‘music’ on ‘mp3 players’ which seems to make me want to start moving for there seems to be a hypnotic affect on our bodies. This technology must be a defence force which they plan to use on any invading ‘aliens’. They may have developed this technology to be deadly for us though this should not delay any of our plans for our technology has far surpassed what they will invent in one million years time.

This explode has been a very good source of information which we will find useful in our plans of conquering the universe. The limits which these Earth-monkeys seem to show are an interest in transport, technology, and the opposite sex. They are nothing but bacteria that will soon be destroyed. I will not fail you my masters. They will all be eradicated.