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"Bullying in the school system." by Igor Litchakev

___________________________________________Bullying is a serious problem in our schools today. In a recent study of middle and high school students by the US Department of Education, nearly 77 percent ... ts in a confidential manner.In the past, bullying was dismissed as part of growing up. However, the recent shootings in Littleton, CO and in Santee, CA, have shown us the harmful effects of bullying. ...

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This paper is about anorexia in teenage girls discusses the problems

in particular affects girls and women most often during their teenage and early adult years. In one recent study, it was found that up to one percent of all adolescent and college age female students ... ially deadly habits. These habits are known as eating disorders.Eating disorders are on the rise in recent years in the United States. The largest risk group that exists for developing eating disorder ...

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Teaching listening

used nearly twice as much as speaking and four to five times as much as reading and writing . In a recent study of Fortune 500 Corporations, Wolvin and Coakley (1991) found that listening was perceiv ...

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Organizational Behavior: a discipline for discovery This paper is a support paper for Organizational Behavior. It outlines the benefits of the discipline.

own listening skills, communication skills and interaction skills was the common mode of thought. A recent study on employee burnout by Northwestern National Life Insurance shows that at least one out ...

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The effects of smoking marijuana, the good and the bad.

n receptors for cannibinoids is located in immune cells. But the nature of the effect is unclear. A recent study showed the THC inhibits production of immune stimulating substances. But cigarette smok ...

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Boys will be boys.

s far outnumber girls and are also known more likely to commit violent crimes and end up in jail. A recent study that was done at children's hospital in Boston found that boy babies are more emotional ...

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Should Cell Phones be Ban from Driving or Do Away With?

o handle. Even though some government officials feel it is not causing that much of a problem. In a recent study done at the turn of the century by Robert W. Hahn and Paul C. Tetlock, cell phone use i ...

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A speech.

sks? Does any of us really understand the full effects of long-term excessive alcohol consumption?A recent study on the difference between heavy drinking and alcoholism has suggested that alcoholics a ... types of alcohol by locating and eating fermenting fruits.Alcoholism In Australia Katey and tableA recent survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of statistics showed that 13.9% of males and 10.5% ...

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Quality care of patients in hospitals and the current nursing shortages

g across the United States has been upgraded from a health crisis to a national security concern. A recent study in Pennsylvania found that surgical patients in hospitals with high patient-to-nurse ra ... d to experience greater burnouts, job dissatisfaction, which in turn leads to poor patient care. "A recent national survey found that an astounding 75 percent of RNs feel that the quality of nursing c ...

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Stricter controls, punishments and better influences from the adult community are needed to prevent students from justifying cheating.

ces from the adult community are needed to prevent students from justifying cheating.According to a recent study into University Students (700 from Monash University), 80% of Undergraduate students ar ...

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Emotions and physical health relationship

al circumstances or techniques help us feel better. Emotional trauma can cause physical problems. A recent study reported that women who experience trauma--domestic violence--have 50% to 70% more neur ...

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Are youth apathetic?

eople are apathetic and that Australian youth are the most apathetic in the world. This is what two recent articles in the Sydney Morning Herald allege."Young people nowadays are simply not interested ... eard and inspired, politically'', which appeared in the March 13 Sydney Morning Herald. It quoted a recent study from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) which declared that Austral ...

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Ban the Use of Car Phones

t an offense to use a car phone while driving, the roads will be immediately safer for all of us. A recent study by two Canadian researchers, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, analyzed ...

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Showing Up

how up for school...every day every day every day..and remember how hard you thought that was?????A recent study in the Cincinnati school district revealed that students NOT showing up was costing the ... a firing squad....In the workplace, showing up is a valuable trait, greatly sought by employers. A recent Canadian study reported that 2/3 of all workers call out at least once a year, 1 in five miss ...

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The Open Boat: Additional Perspective

t of view.''The Open Boat'' has been hailed as an example of naturalistic fiction at its best until recent years, when the automatic and somewhat naive tendency to equate naturalism and modernity has ... ism and modernity has been called into question in all the arts. Thus Peter Buitenhuis asserts in a recent study [''The Essentials of Life: 'The Open Boat' as Existentialist Fiction,'' Modern Fiction ...

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Napster- What is it?

er 2000.Nearly 75 percent of college students have downloaded music from the Net, according to a recent study by Greenfield Online, an international research firm. Nearly two-thirds of the 1,135 co ...

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This essay deals with the concept of 'reinventions' and its relevance in texts such as 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel and 'Lord of the Flies' by Golding.

ngs. To a post-modern ear, the concept doesn't appear to have much depth or scope. However with the recent study of certain various texts relating to 'Reinventions,' one discovers that the term has de ...

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A Healthy Dose of Laughter (The Effects of Laughter on the Human Body)

ge that laughter is the best medicine is now being backed up by scientific evidence. For example, a recent study called "Rx Laughter" was designed to understand the biological links between humor, lau ...

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The cause, effect and solution of Latch Key children.

oo old for a babysitter, usually when theybecome a preteen.According to the After school Alliance's recent study 14.3 million children(4 million of them being in middle school) head home after school ...

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Economic Indicators.

n in the future" (p. 510). Business Planning Solutions (2005) identifies several results from their recent study:"evidence that Wal-Mart has directly raised the economy's potential to produce by inves ...

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