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Chemical reactions

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What enzymnes are?

atoms, oxygen, or electrons from one molecule to another (oxidation or reduction-or in other words redox reaction.):alcohol dehydrogenaseEthanal + NADH + H+ → ethanol+ NAD+In this reaction hydro ...

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A lab of Reduction/Oxidation Reactions

Title: Redox ReactionsResearch Question: Is it possible to determine if a redox reaction took place by usin ... contamination2. I held the chemicals at approximately a 90 degree angle for consistencyIntroduction:Redox reactions occur when both oxidation and reduction take place. All atoms can be assigned an oxi ... lusion:In this experiment my hypothesis was correct; it is possible to determine if a reaction is a redox reaction based on oxidation numbers. In my analysis I wrote out the equations for all of the r ...

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Chem Notes

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Industrial case study: The production of iron and steel An analisis on iron production

ulture.When iron ore, coke, blasts of heated air and limestone are fed into the blast furnace.These Redox reactions take place:REDUCTIONFe3O4 + CO → 3FeO + CO2Fe3O4 + H2 → 3FeO + H2OFeO + CO ...

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Chemical Reactions

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Catalase essay

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Chemistry In The Kitchen: Food Additives

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The Chemistry of Fireworks

.Chemical Background:The production of light in fireworks, rely on basic chemicalprinciples such as redox reactions, combustion and the excitement ofelectrons in metal ions when heated.Redox reactions ... with simultaneous release of heatand sometimes light. This is important in fireworks because of theredox reactions that occur. During combustion of fireworks someundesirable gases can be produced suc ...

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Investigating a factor that affects the volume of H2 at the cathode in an electrolysis reaction

ntroductionAn electrolysis cell uses an external source of voltage to bring about a non-spontaneous redox reaction. In an electrolytic cell electricity is passed through an electrolyte and electrical ... tated in the introduction, an electrolysis cell uses an external source of voltage to bring about a redox reaction. So I think that as the voltage increases, the volume of H2 will increase.VariableInd ...

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