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Computer crime

ators to personal computerusers who do work in the office or at home. Computerswithout any means of security are vulnerable to attacks fromviruses, worms, and illegal computer hackers. If the properst ... puter hackers. If the propersteps are not taken, safe computing may become a thing ofthe past. Many security measures are being implemented toprotect against illegalities.Companies are becoming more a ...

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Religious Tolerance After September 11th.

ber 11, 2001 it became obvious that our country would experience many changes in foreign policy and security measures. One change that perhaps was not foreseen is the shift in religious tolerance, par ... in our country. One specific change is the policy from the newly established Department of Homeland Security requiring non-citizen men from twenty-five countries with large Muslim populations to regis ...

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This is a paper I wrote describing my observations during a trip to the Wayne County court house.

on Forest. When I walked into the Court building, I was immediately met by metal detectors and 5-7 security guards. The guards asked me to empty out my pockets, open my jacket and then pass through t ... through the metal detectors. As I walked around the court building, I also noticed that there were security guards at every exit door and they made sure nobody entered, only exited. There were also W ...

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From your perspective, what are the two most problematic pitfalls inherent in business information technology?

perspective, what are the two most problematic pitfalls inherent in business information technology?Security is certainly number one in my list for obvious reasons. My company's important and potentia ... t seems that as soon as Microsoft rolls out a new program, hackers figure out a way to get past the security measures placed in the program by the developer. It seems that the developers could do a be ...

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Advantages and disadvantages associated with various network topologies, cable options and factors governing selection of an appropriate cable.

to reduce the cost of software licences and manage efficient use of resources, and can incorporate security measures to grant privileges and restrict access to certain users. They are linked through ... tors to be considered when choosing a topology are: flexibility, scalability, return on investment, security required, functions, size and future growth of the organisation. To demonstrate the decisio ...

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TITLE: The Maginot Fallacy: Anti-terrorist Measures in the Nuclear Industry THEORY: Power plants are vulnerable to air attack. (what's wrong and how to fix it)

the control buildings are inadequately protected, the failsafes are incompletely designed, and the security measures are haphazardly implemented.Following the attacks of September 11th, the Federal A ... ere must also be multiple systems of failsafes. The "design basis threat" - the maximum attack that security must protect against - assumes that attackers will strike at certain systems first. The con ...

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"From Naked Ape to Superspecies" by David Suzuki

he genetic engineering started, people were more afraid of giving rise to non-destructive bacteria. Security measures were taken as "viruses and bacteria were deliberately 'crippled' with defective ge ...

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This essay is about secruity risk List four possible security risks that the bank and the clients are facing in the present network setup. Explain clearly why these security risks exist.

Question 1a. List four (4) possible security risks that the bank and the clients are facing in the present network setup. Explain clearl ... g in the present network setup. Explain clearly why these security risks exist.There are 4 possible security risks that the bank and the clients are facing in the present network setup.Firstly, there ... t the bank and the clients are facing in the present network setup.Firstly, there may be a possible security risk of interception occurs. Interception means that unauthorized party gain access to an a ...

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Locker Checks.

l imports without asking the student's permission.Some say that it allows administration to provide security measures needed in schools in attempting to control violent situations and drugs as well. T ... arch and seizure". while some may say that searching the belongings of students for the purposes of security is reasonable, a school's environment cannot remain positive if the entire student body fee ...

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The short life of the League of Nations.

t ratify the Treaty of Versailles. The French argued that without the military support America, the security measures in the treaty could not be fully enforced, leaving France vulnerable. An agreement ...

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Computer Protection Report

ers for the challenge.From identity theft to pranks, these types of invasive acts continue, despite security measures by the Operating System (OS) manufacturers. Microsoft offers free updates for its ...

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Critical Thinking Executive Summary

f writer at Scanners' Weekly, "Ten years ago today, AcuScan, Inc. launched its cutting-edge retinal security product iScanner at a security conference in Houston, TX. Based on software created by our ... duct Software Kelly Thomas, the iScanner quickly became the leader in the emerging retinal scanning security business" (2003, p.1).Currently AcuScan is loosing its hold on the market and is in need of ...

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Freedon Vs. Security

Freedom vs. Security On September 11th, 2001, an attack was made on The United States of America. Nineteen terro ... by the loss of family, friends, and coworkers. To prevent a reoccurrence of the events of 9-11-01, security policies have been changed, new measures taken, and national awareness heightened. However, ... constitution, history and country to take such measures. I agree with those who support heightened security, despite some of the constraints that may be placed on certain liberties.After the attacks ...

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Americans because it presented some relevant points on the " American's right to freedom vs. better security" issue. After reading this article I have a better understanding of both views. Overa ... this article I have a better understanding of both views. Overall, it made me wonder: Are these new security measures taken going to limit my freedom or are they really going to stop terrorists? This ...

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Discovering My Roots

et for our admission and started exploring the museum.We started out by checking our backpacks with security. I took my notebook out of my backpack and checked it in. I felt that a writing utensil and ... things I’d need with me. This being my first trip to the PMA, I was a little surprised by the security measures that were enforced. I simply expected them to check the contents of my bag before ...

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Company plan

A plan needs to be established to bring this facility into the next year to ensure the security of the business, without these plans this facility may fail or become obsolete. Things need ... xample if the intranet is going to be used to keep private medical information then a great deal of security measures need to be performed. Technology is advancing at an alarming rate and needs to be ... should feel safe divulging personal information to a medical facility, but when there is not enough security the person will feel unsure about using the facility safely. In order for patients to feel ...

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Scheier's (2006) article

es the importance for organizations to protect their databases with multi-layered and multi-faceted security. Pick two of the many types of threats that the author identifies and summarize the securit ... oyees whose laptop computed gets lost or stolen with information and/or access to the database. The security measures of which the author says is advisable for dealing with these security threats is d ...

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Rational Choice Theory, rational choice approach to crime causation,rational choice theory and deterrence theory's impact on crime prevention strategies

ctors-money, revenge, thrills, entertainment- and situational factors, such as target availability, security measures, and police presence (Siegel, 2008). Once the decision has been made to commit a s ...

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Asian American Loyalty Throughout War

nces that result from such conlicts. Even during the current war, American citizens have heightened security measures in order to target a specific race. Citizens of Middle Eastern descent constantly ... ficials had concerns about Japanese Americans on the west coast, and assumed the whole race to be a security risk. In reality, this assumption derived more from racial prejudice than actual risk. Appr ...

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Information Security in Business Organizations

Executive SummarySecurity of networks and systems operating in business organizations is of paramount importance to a ... 2000). In an increasingly connected world where most organizations have connection to the internet, security is most wanted and security management is needs to be done in a well-organized and systemat ... ve a direct impact on the organization itself.The essay sets off with a critical review of the term security in the context of information systems, which illustrates the treats and risks arising from ...

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