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"The Outsiders" by S.E Hinton, the theme, human nature

. Hinton, is an excellent story about the hardships andtriumphs experienced by the Greasers and the Socs, two rival gangs. This novel suggests the stories'content because the Greasers are a gang of so ... s brothers as a greaser. One day Ponyboy and Johnny,Ponyboy's best friend, get jumped by a group of Socs. The Socs start to drown Ponyboy in a fountain.Johnny, realizing they might kill Ponyboy, kills ...

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"The Outsiders" by S.E Hinton. Class study looking at what the teacher directs the student's learning towards

s, divided by economical and socialbackground, the lower East side Greasers and the upper West side Socs. The novel is set in 1966 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is anovel written in first person by a 14 year ...

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This essay is a book report of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

a big city where social class separates two territories. On the West Side, the rich and high class 'Socs' reside and on the East are the poor and filthy looking 'Greasers'. The town is full of alleys ... social standing because even a greaser like Ponyboy can be a good person inside. In addition, even 'Socs' like Bob are not always happy with their lives. Even though a wealthy person can buy virtually ...

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The Outsiders - summary

ers because of their greasy long hair. Walking home from a movie, Ponyboy is attacked by a group of Socs, the greasers' rivals, who are upper-class youths from the West Side of town. The Socs, short f ... nken boyfriends. The girls must leave with their boyfriends in order to prevent a fight between the Socs and the greasers.Ponyboy is late getting home, and his brother Darry is furious with him. Sick ...

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The Movie "The Outsiders"

in a rugged manner by wearing black and slicking their hair back. Another way to look at it is the Socs could be a representation of society. They are a group from the rich side of town who give the ... id not even acknowledge him. As a result, he displaces his anger later with rival gang members "The Socs". Dally can fall under secondary deviance as a result of his run-ins with the law as a youth. S ...

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"The Outsiders" By Susan Eloise Hinton.

ers. Many of them have led hard lives and they are angry and unforgiving. They often fight with the Socs, group of wealthy, privileged boys who beat them up for fun. Ponyboy is shy and quiet. He gets ... the hospital, than gets to go home. That evening there is a big fight between the greasers and the Socs, which the greasers win. One of Bob's friends does not fight, because he is sick of all the hat ...

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Film: "The Outsiders"

t lead radically different lives. One group, known as The South-Side Socials (more casually called "socs"), is the more privileged group. The second group, The Greasers, are the less privileged kids, ... of his friend, Pony boy Curtis. The rivalry becomes more severe on both sides after the murder; the socs' trying to avenge the death of their friend; the greasers trying to get the town to understand ...

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Compare and Contrast the movies "Grease" and "The Outsiders".

ease' for example, the T-Birds spike the punch at the school dance. In 'The Outsiders', most of the Socs have a drinking problem and we see them drunk throughout a lot of the movie. Even though these ... ing. The Greasers are fairly poor and come mainly from dysfunctional families. Their rival gang the Socs are rich, have fancy cars, are popular at school and are respected. The only likeness here is t ...

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Research Paper On The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton

Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, a novel which tells the story of conflict between the "greasers" and the "Socs," captures the voice of ponyboy and his friends in a realistic way that relates to boys and the ... 't cry in front of strangers, some of us never cry at all..." (91).There were conflicts between the Socs that conflicted with the greasers. They were two opposite groups that didn't get along. The Soc ...

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Review of The Outsiders

Curtis (Rob Lowe), on the wrong side of the tracks. His social group, the Greasers, and the upscale Socs seem to always have it in for each other. One night, when at the drive-in, Ponyboy, Johnny Cade ... one of the beauties from the enemy gang, Cherry Valance (Diane Lane). Later that night, the drunken Socs find Ponyboy and Johnny and want revenge because they were with one of their girls.After watchi ...

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The Outsiders- by SE Hinton Why Gangs Portrayed in this Novel are Real

ends of the social ladder clash in this epic novel of social tension between two rival groups, the Socs and the Greasers. The main character, 14-year-old Ponyboy, is a Greaser who lives under the cyc ... 4-year-old Ponyboy, is a Greaser who lives under the cycle of poverty and endless pressure from the Socs. They are the upper class Westside crowd who are accepted in society. The Greasers, in contrast ...

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Important idea in the novel "The outsiders" by S.E.Hinton.

have to suffer so many troubles because of their appearances and this is why the idea is important.Socs are rich kids Greasers are poor kids .There is a quote " We couldn't have Covairs or madras shi ... ote " We couldn't have Covairs or madras shirts, but we could have hair". This quote tells that the Socs are rich, have lots of money and dress nicely and the Greasers have greasy hair and they are pr ...

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"The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton

is very interesting. It is mainly about two gangs that are complete opposites, The Greasers and the Socs. The Greasers are from the hood, the east side, they steal things, drive old souped up cars and ... s, drive old souped up cars and hold up petrol stations. They have gang fights once in a while. The Socs are the west side rich kids, they jump Greasers and wreck houses. They throw bear blasts for ki ...

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'The Outsiders' by S.E Hinton

greaser. He identifies with this group of people and doesn't believe he has anything in commom with Socs. But by the end of the novel, after the death of Bob, he realises that people have to get along ... d for no real reason, the greasers were attacked by the kids who were considered to be normal, the "Socs". They gang up on them unfairly, there are always more Socs than greasers. For example when Pon ...

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"The Outsiders" by S.E Hinton - The Socs were more of a disgrace and menace to society than the Greasers

The Socs were more of a disgrace and menace to society than the Greasers because they knew that they wer ... because they knew that they were better off than the Greasers and they used that against them. The Socs could easily do something rebellious and blame it on the Greasers because the police saw them a ... d Johnny did not start this fight, they were just hanging out at a park on the east side, when five Socs came and invaded their territory in a blue Mustang and seemed to be looking for a fight. They g ...

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"The Outsiders" by SE Hinton

unfortunate background, where many families had been separated. Whereas the second gang called the Socs came from good homes with rich families, large houses and good clothes. The novel is told throu ... of them were his close friends. The first death was Bob. He was killed whilst with a group of other Socs including Randy. They started a fight with Ponyboy and Johnny. Johnny saw the Socs trying to dr ...

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The Outsiders

ry that deals with a conflict between two gangs, the "Greasers" from the East Side of town and the "Socs" from the east-side of town. This is a story that is told in the first person. Ponyboy Curtis i ... ake. There, Ponyboy and Johnnycake get into a fight with Randy, Bob, and three other members of the Socs. The Socs try to down Ponyboy, so Johnnycake stabs Bob with a knife and ends up killing him. Po ...

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The Outsiders

sers are a social class given to hoods. Juvenile Delinquents. The snooty rich boys are known as the socs. They don't really think much of each other, and often get into fights, called rumbles. Pony Bo ... the park. When they got there, they were standing by a fountain, and a blue mustang pulled up. Four socs, big and mean, got out of the car, with devilish grins on their faces. One grabbed Pony by the ...

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The Outsiders

g that a couple of them would have eventually been in the war, had the story continued.Greasers and Socs The general pattern of the series involves Ponyboy's greaser friends becoming more involved wit ...

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The Outsiders

lot were based upon rivalries between the Greasers, a gang from the poorer section of town, and the Socs, a gang of rich teenagers from the more affluent neighborhood. I found this book to be very exc ... ugh Greaser gang the boys belong to are constantly armed and ready to rumble with any member of the Socs for the sake of their fellow Greasers. Ponyboy is proud to be a Greaser and loyal to his gang, ...

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