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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

If you have ever traveled to the Caribbean from South Florida, be it by ship or plane, then you have ventured into the Bermuda Triangle. Are you sca ...

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Cuba - Cold War (briefly discussed) - Post Cold War (concentration)

Cuba is the largest island in the West Indies and it lies South of Florida and east of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. In comparison Cuba is about the size o ... highly subjected to hurricanes from the month of August to October. It is 90 miles off the coast of South Florida's Keys and is the largest country in the Caribbean. From the latter of the early twent ...

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"The Orchid Theif" by Susan Orlean

ld of orchid fanatics. I certainly never imagined that I would willingly hike through the swamps of South Florida..." Susan Orlean writes about her time in Florida hunting rare orchids in this non-fic ...

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Hurricane Andrew

e AndrewHurricane Andrew drastically changed the lives of the people who lived in the Miami area of South Florida. Nothing had seemed strange or different until the morning of August 18th, 1992, when ... morning of August 18th, 1992, when a tropical storm was detected off the coast of Africa.Nobody in South Florida was concerned; the hurricane was too far away to pose any threat. Yet as the storm beg ...

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Down in South Florida where I live, it is very hot and humid almost all year round. Even in December it will ...

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Learning Through Doing

ng beads or hand painted T-shirts. Casual visits to local flea markets suggested otherwise. Here in South Florida, there is a terrific market for seashore-related items. Tourists love handcrafted gift ...

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Race in My Community: A Personal Account

Race in My 2My name is Kat. Much of my formative years were spent in south Florida which is truly a melting pot of ethnicities, and I loved it. I am a "German American", ... gs is learning about different cultures and enjoying their differences. My husband and I moved from south Florida to southern Louisiana ten years ago. After first moving to Louisiana we suffered a bit ... to me after much contemplation that there is a great chasm where true cultural history should be in southern Louisiana. Other than those of us who moved to the area in the last decade and those with a ...

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make a wish foundation

r his ownership and management. Dale also has other lodging options that include his cottage on the Southern Maine coast as well as chic condominiums overlooking Biscayne Bay in South Florida (Percy, ... rks CitedKelly, Marce, and James McGowen. "Small Business and Entrepreneurship." BUSN 5. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2013. Pages 89-112 Print.Northrup, Dale. "Home of the Percy Inn." Ho ...

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go green

oping gardening at home reinforces the cuantity and quality of the oxygen. Sowing native species to South Florida contributes to protect the environment, at the same time it promotes the beautificatio ...

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