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roductionCriminal justice and security is one of the largest industries in the UnitedStates. Such a statistic is (and rightly so) of great concern to Afro-Americansbecause a disproportionate percentag ... ofthe US Criminal Justice System are from the Black community. This paperwill look at the alarming statistics and attempt to trace the roots of thedisparity. It will then consider the affects and exp ...

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Date Rape

are familiar with (1). 1 in4 women will be raped in their life time. This is a very scary, yet true statistic.Women need to understand what is going on with the situation of date rape, and belooked on ...

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The statistic I chose to analyze was something I pulled from the Washington Post about a month ago. The ... ho could be affected by such an alarming rate.A number of thoughts crossed my mind when I read this statistic. My first thought was to question where the Washington Post had surveyed. As a resident of ... outer suburbs and DC itself. If the Post had focused on the DC area I would be able to believe the statistic much more than if they had focused on the surrounding area. Another thought was whether th ...

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Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa, medical terminology

disorders. At any given time, almost one out of every two women is on some sort of a diet, and this statistic is apparently reflected the revenues of the diet industry, currently a $33 billion a year ... ion, romance, prestige and power. In fact, more women feared becoming fat, then feared dying. These statistics revel an alarming social problem that is reaching epic proportions.Although the topic of ...

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Drop out rate in American colleges

addition, about one out of every three remaining students do not return for their second year. This statistic may seem outrageous, however, it is true. Furthermore, a study has shown that if the dropo ...

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Sex Education: Does It Really Work?

ear old girls will become pregnant by the time they are nineteen' (qtd. in 'The Effects' 632). This statistic may indicate that the sex education programs in the United States are not controlling the ... illion teenagers are affected by sexually transmitted diseases each year' ('The Effects' 632). This statistic does not take into account AIDS cases. That is a large number of teens that are missing th ...

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Why Restaurants Fail

n exceedingly high rate, the highest failure rates in the U. S. economy. In researching this topic, statistics numbers and percentages fly around routinely. All give somewhat the same concept; in the ... give somewhat the same concept; in the starting years, most restaurants fail. The most often cited statistic is the 95/5 ratio. 95% success and 5% failure. Conversely, another favorite concept exists ...

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The Globe and Mail newspaper: Reasons why people choose this particular newspaper.

the morning newspaper. He has just a couple of minutes to catch up breaking news, check the market statistic and find something neutral such as arts or sport events to talk about with associates duri ... nada. The sections of 'Money & Markets' are dedicated to the: interest rates, foreign exchange, statistical trends, convertible debentures, mortgage-backed securities and Canadian bonds.The Globe ...

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Alcohol abuse in high schools

use?The first step in understanding this drastic problem facing society is to look at the facts and statistics. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported in 2000 that 54% of all young Americans ha ... out of five teenagers have consumed alcohol by the end of high school. How can you fight against a statistic like that?People could believe that one of the hardest things in growing up is going throu ...

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Women and the media

, but there have been some cases with girls as young as six with this problem. This is a disturbing statistic, even girls as young as six are affected by our societies definition of beauty.Society and ...

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Divorce in America.

in the United States end in divorce. So ask yourself, what is happening to the family? I found this statistic appalling. My parents got married at the age of sixteen, and twenty-one years later they a ... y marriages in America fail and what I could do to prevent my marriage from becoming a part of this statistic.Chances are someone in your family, possibly even yourself, has been divorced. It is highl ...

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Denmark and a Comparison with the Czech Republic.

g the Faeroe Islands and Greenland) is smaller than our country. On the other hand, other important statistic facts can be compared daringly: The population is almost constant these days. The populati ... remains still the Danish crone (not the euro!). However, I found two important differences in this statistic overview: 84.7% of the Danes belong to the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church and ...

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Youth suicide, a growing issue on Australian shores.

Carefree, well-educated and FULL of potential - that's the youth of the new millennium!Statistically we are living longer and have a better quality of life than past generations. Yet suic ... ons. Yet suicide, in PARTICULAR youth suicide, continues to be a major issue on our shores.Although statistics vary from study to study, most informed people agree that youth suicide is a major and in ... Young people aged 15 -24, have one of the highest suicide rates in the world. A closer look at this statistic means that over 2000 people are committing this act each year. After traffic accidents, su ...

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Teen pregnancy.

tes in the United States, South Texas should implement programs for young woman to avoid becoming a statistic. Family values are declining more and more every year, and divorce rates are rising. This ...

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To be a Laker. Covers Kobe Bryant case and athletes unfair treatment. 2 full pages with a bibliography page.

from five to twenty-five years in a federal penitentiary? Is clean cut Kobe Bryant becoming another statistic?"Athletes have a special obligation to be people of character," said a Minnesota Supreme C ...

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My Personal Goals as a College Student. Paper only relates to teen parents beginning a new college education.

ure, this is one of many goals that I will achieve as a University of California student.I am a statistic. The odds of a teenage girl with a child, still graduating high school are much lower tha ...

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It is a personal thought on relationships. the title of the essay is Relationship Choices:do we have the right knowledge?

you the one for me?"... Perhaps more importantly, "Are you not the one for me?"According to divorce statistics, in over 50 percent of marriages, the answer of one or both partners is: "You are not the ... "You are not the one for me." Hopefully, by making a careful choice up front, you will not become a statistic later on.In evaluating the questions "Are you the one for me?" or "Are you not the one for ...

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Seeing things differently/An essay about the way men and women see the sport of football.

ond and have a good time. They spend countless hours watching the games and learning every possible statistic and maneuver. The more avid male fans spend huge amounts of money to see their favorite te ...

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Teenage Suicide

and/or hopeless, are committing suicide by the thousands each year, thus making themselves a fatal statistic but unfortunately, intervention often does not come soon enough to prevent teenagers from ...

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Gay Marriage Scapegoat

1990s the number of unmarried-partner households in the United States increased by 72 percent. This statistic deserved wider notice than it received. But now, with nearly five million cohabiting coupl ...

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