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Do culture and individual beliefs affect logical thinking? If so, how do they influence the conclusions we reach?

nnot be affected by any outside influences as long as the premises are truly valid. For example the syllogism:All mammals are warm blooded.Whales are mammals.Whales are warm truly logical b ... lar. For example:All mammals nurse their young.All whales are mammals.Whales nurse their young.This syllogism is deductive because the premises provide evidence for the truth of its conclusion. Induct ...

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Gender Vs. Morality

gument of women being more moral than men does not hold up because of its failure to use logic. The syllogism that is used does not follow valid deductive reasoning. The inferred conclusion does not n ... ent fallible because the sign does not point to a specific amount of morality in men and women. The syllogism attempts to go from a specific fact to a broad generalization. This statement is also guil ...

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Aristotle Biography

ote about 25 books on a many of subjects. Another big contribution Aristotle made was the theory of Syllogism which helped people of Rome and Greece to prove their points better. He also made Aristotl ... so contributed to biology by classifying about 120 plants and animals. He also made a theory called Syllogism. Syllogism is pretty much another way of proving your point. Even though Syllogism does no ...

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Reason,logic, And Mathematics

oldiers now take into combat.² (New York Times) This quotation will be evaluated by means of a syllogism so the first step is to identify two premises. The first premise would be: some women are ... otation does not specify otherwise, it simply begins with ³women². Therefore, this is the syllogism that has been created: Some women are not people who can easily carry 100 pounds of equipm ...

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History of The Declaration of Independence

lonies free and independent from Great Britain. Jefferson used deductive reasoning in the form of a syllogism to argue his claim that because the colonist's "unalienable rights" (612) were being denie ... tone throughout the document. Jefferson's document is a deductive argument in the form of a syllogism which includes a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion. The major or general pr ...

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Thinking and Decision Making

ion which is always valid given the two premises. The format for this type of reasoning is called a syllogism. (Kirby, Goodpaster, 2007) One example of a deductive reasoning syllogism would be:All mam ... not always be true, but as long as the two premises prove the conclusion, it will always be a valid syllogism. Deductive reasoning is used every day although normally theThinking and Decision Making 5 ...

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Rhetorical Analysis of Practical Ethics

his argument in the form of first, second, third premise, and conclusion. He outlines the four-part syllogism, then uses four paragraphs to explain each of them, and makes concessions. In this syllogi ... ething we can easily understand, even though we are not experts in the philosophical aspects of the syllogism. According to Singer, he assumes that absolute poverty, with its hunger and malnutrition, ...

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HYPOTHETICAL SYLLOGISMSHYPOTHETICAL SYLLOGISM is an argument whose major premise is made up of a hypothetical pro ... tical proposition and whose minor premise and conclusion are categorical propositions. Hypothetical syllogisms are either CONDITIONAL, DISJUNCTIVE, or CONJUNCTIVE ARGUMENTS.THE CONDITIONAL SYLLOGISMTh ... , DISJUNCTIVE, or CONJUNCTIVE ARGUMENTS.THE CONDITIONAL SYLLOGISMThe major premise of a conditional syllogism is a conditional proposition consisting of an antecedent and a consequent. The antecedent ...

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