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The Holocaust

d in our past, for 'Silence, indifference and inaction were Hitler's principal allies.'YY and Every time history repeats itself the price goes up.'YYY This was not a war to show how good a country was ... 'Final Solution' to Germany's problems, and the procedure it was to be carried out, and had enough time to think about his decisions, in the period of time he spent incarcerated, in which he took his ...

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The Sound and the Fury:Interpreting Caddy Compson

William Faulkner's fourth novel, The Sound and the Fury, is a haunting and sometimes bewildering novel that surprises and absorbs the reader each time it is read. The novel was Fa ... s. Critics have also widely discussed Faulkner's treatment of issues such as race, suicide, incest, time, history, and religion. Central to any reading of the novel, however, is the character that Fau ... evenge on Caddy through her. Not coincidentally, Quentin is now about the same age Caddy was at the time of her pregnancy, and Jason's brutal treatment of his niece may have as much to do with her own ...

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What Were the Motives of the Participants to Take Part in the Child Transfers From Finland to Sweden During the Second World War 1939-1940?

d Swedish voluntary organizations agreed to organise the broadest child evacuation operation in war-time history. I will look at the motives for the Finnish mothers who sent their mostly under school- ... l take a quick look at how it all started and then discuss what the situation was like back at that time to understand the background for events. My main sources, the research paper by Aura Korppi-Tom ...

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Unity Through History - Cites: Bertolt Brecht, Kenneth M. Stampp, Mary Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes, Alice Walker, Huanani-Kay Trask,

d. Each branch of life is connected to the same family tree if you follow the grape vine throughout time. History is therefore just as important as the present, and perhaps even more important. Bertol ... y pertain to?" Until college, it seems to me that one basic concept has been pounded into our heads time and time again: The white race is dominant. I think this is one of the greatest factors in deci ...

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Compare Creation Myths

"How did we come to be?" Throughout time, history, and the world, people have wondered, and have asked, " How did we come to be?" ... In the Beginning", are so interesting, because although they are from two different cultures, times, and regions, they are eerily alike, yet different in the utmost ways. In "How the Worl ... World was made", in "In the Beginning", the creator, God, created life in increments of time, and then rested, while Maheo, created life and the world in one continuous period. In "In the ...

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a buff. An enthusiast about something or someone. In fact, the term has been around for quite some time, history records groupies as sporting about with Alexander's world-conquering Greeks in the 4ht ... ertainment business and frequently being able to attend rock-and-roll events. I see this girl every time I go to a rock club. She is usually with her friends. Who in turn are more than likely groupies ...

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Milikan Quest

in China, to television sets in Japan- every country has products and goods to export. At the same time, history has taught me that diplomacy and global communications are also crucial to our surviva ... ltures. I do fairly well in school, although, like most others of my age, I am trying to improve my time management skills. However, I do work hard at subjects that interest me, such as history and wr ...

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In Essence: Blindness

Tragedies in history can be considered a dime a dozen. Like many tragedies however, one time period stands out to have an unforgettable tragic ending to the lives of hundreds of thousands ... by the communist leader, Joseph Stalin. Stalin’s reign of the Soviet Union was an unfortunate time for the many civilians of Moscow, the Russian capital, during 1937-38. The time period, notorio ... ences, and imprisoned in gulags (labor camps.) The recorded information dedicated to this period of time history, and to Stalin’s reign is endless. For example, the film Burnt by the Sun, by Niki ...

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From Employee To Entrepreneur

d Banking/Finance. Her father, Eduardo, was then the local civil registrar of Davao City and a part time history professor of the same school. I lost track of her after graduating and later found her ... met her as Ellen Garcia-Selim, credit analyst at Caltex and dabbling as an orchid grower. The next time I met Ellen was during the 1997 Kadayawan sa Dabaw floriculture exhibit where her waling​ ...

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