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Blue Ridge Mountain. A story of a visit.

saw while stepping out of the car. We all got our gear out of the car and walked over to the trails. We had to decide what trail to take. We had three choices the first trail was half a mile lo ... to decide what trail to take. We had three choices the first trail was half a mile long, the second trail was two miles long, and the third trail was four miles long. Since it was such a beautiful day ...

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in. But that was the least of my concerns. Because, today I couldn't wait to get riding on the Bike trails. These were old paths of a railroad track that had jumps built on them. By the time I got out ... them. By the time I got out to the bikeracks and met my friends, we were exhilerated. 'To the bike trails?' I asked.'to the bike trails' they replied. We had been going to the bike trails for weeks n ...

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A personal reflection, a bike riding experiance i had.

gaining speed. Cranking up the straight, my legs begin aching. Behind me all I leave is an airborne trail of dust, which eventually settles back on the ground from where it was disturbed. I shoot into ...

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Westward Expansion: America goes West.

t. Poeple had many reasons for moving west. The west seemed to promise something new. The routes or trails were long and devastating for the travelers. One main problem was that the ytook over much la ... puddles and filthy swamps. The land was soon grazed out, sot htat travelers had to keep seeking new trails. Americans traveled by wagons or by horse, later when found by Indians. Wagon ruts cut deep i ...

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The effects of mountain biking on bulk desity and terrain cover.

earing so dirt could not effect them. Managers of natural areas consider recreational impacts along trails and on campsites to be their most common management problem (Godin and Leonard 1979, Washburn ... problem, initially focused largely on the impacts of hikers (Cole, 1987). Impacts of recreation on trails can vary between activity types (e.g., hikers, horses, and motorcycles) (Weaver and Dale 1978 ...

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Mt. Carmel-Descriptive essay of a camp i go to every summer

the shoreline, you would see two paddleboats and kayaks, along with numerous canoes, two shoreline trails, and an old stone sauna. A little farther off of the beach, you would see tennis and basketba ... ing in the library. On the beach, there are usually people taking a dip in the water or walking the trails. Before the camp director closed down the trail at night to the neighboring Bible Camp, Luthe ...

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A story on how i will die in this wicked world we live in

before the expedition. With Jensen, Chad, and Joel on my tail, I led the excursion up the mountain trail. An immaculate red sunset was beginning to form on the horizon, which we had a wonderful view ... r position on the mountain. We had been struggling the whole day with the loose rocks on the trail. We might have been a little scared, but the adrenaline rush kept us going. I remember looking ...

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The Journey Inward

eless run, and recenter the focus of my day. When I set aside an hour or two to spend on the riding trails I essentially am adding not only hours to my day and clarity to my life but also a deeper eff ... e camouflage of the protective foliage. As Dutchess's steady footfalls turn up the soft dirt of the trail, I relax into the safe embrace of the trees rising on either side. Their branches stretch, as ...

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Sanctuary (A Descriptive Essay of a Place or Moment in Time).

Its entrance is obscured by blackberry bushes and tangled weeds. As the growth is pushed away, the trail is only visible by the substantial amounts of mud evident through the matted grass. Even in th ... atted grass. Even in the summer months, the path remains soggy from the steady northwest rain. This trail was once used for a single week every summer, a place of refuge, now obscured by heavy forest. ...

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Off Highway Vehicle Trail Development: Originally used this as a speech in my Agriculture class

for public motorized recreation and access.One of the best ways to keep areas open is to establish trails that are used consistently and responsibly by many people. In order to do that, someone has t ... sistently and responsibly by many people. In order to do that, someone has to actually map existing trails or create new ones. The tough part about that is that the trails can't just consist of open f ...

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Blow Me

alf of the Marathon Rod and Gun Club and their concerns on Bill 101 , the act to promote snowmobile trail sustainability and enhance safety and enforcement . We understand that the act received 1st re ... their trap-line or to their secret ice-fishing lakes since the early 60ts well before recreational trails were built . Many of these first trails that non-recreational snowmobilers built and kept ope ...

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After the tents were setup, we would take a voyage into the woods. All of the surrounding woods had trails that we all knew like the back of our hand, and every year we would walk all through the wood ... l knew like the back of our hand, and every year we would walk all through the woods on the various trails to see if anything new had appeared. The longest trail led to a place that we all called the ...

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(1) mountain biking equipment, in order to have fun when I started on the (2) right mountain biking trail, but I learned soon enough how easy it is to get hurt without "safe" (3) experience. I love mo ... Another thing about my main piece of equipment is it's best not to stay in one gear throughout the trail. Since the lower gears have better acceleration, I use them for going uphill. In contrast, the ...

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