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Definition Poem - In the Arms of a Knight

his magnificenceHe wonders through my everydayPausing occasionally to daze wide-eyed at the worldA wisp of raven hair falling playfully on his browCaptivating me with his electricity~and i dream~He w ...

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An opinion on the role of the media in a post- 9/11 world.

, "it is your time", says the voice, and a staircase emerges. But before you even see the slightest wisp of smoke you hear about it on the radio, the tv, and the next day tabloid headlines everywhere ...

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Ophelia's Role in William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

uage; it has its good points."O rose of May! Sweet Ophelia!" As Sweet Ophelia indeed she is; a mere wisp of a girl, an apparition, a reflection, a waif, a dream, a dream, a dream. Poof! And then gone. ...

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A Dream

ashing into one another. Dusk and the silver moon go so well together tonight. Breezes we can taste wisp by our faces, whispering something only we can understand. I can feel the heat raise form the g ...

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Eveline: By James Joyce

that have moved away and she too also longs to move away and create a life for herself. Caught in a wisp of nostalgia, Eveline is desperately trying to muster the strength and courage to leave her dis ...

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The Execution- Short Story

ircles over the brick. The thin sickle of the moon gleamed down from between buildings and behind a wisp of cloud.Vandius walked confidently around the corner, some gauze-wrapped bimbo on his arm. Luc ...

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From Employee To Entrepreneur

f this university. She was among the brightest (top 10) from the entire graduating class. She was a wisp of a typical teenage college girl who was then working her way through college. She was very mu ...

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