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  • Excellent Stuff

    Brilliant- I've got an exam on this text 2morrow and ur essay provided the basis for good revision on the roles of woman and sexual symbolism within Dracula. Great essay :)
    • 25/05/2006
    • 11:00:41
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  • 100%? I dont think so.

    To suggest that this essay is an essay worthy of 100% at the 13th grade is comical. You argue some points well but the essay has no flow, no sense of direction and is very vague. The style of writing isn't one which is engaging, and overall this essay wasn't very much help. In future, aim to imporove both the content and particularly the style of writing.Ahmed.
    • 20/11/2005
    • 14:06:06
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  • Good Points.

    Good points raised throughout the essay, with many examples to back up each point. Well written, well structured, well done!
    • 30/10/2005
    • 09:23:38
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  • Ahmed Alaskary a.k.a superier1

    This is my draft essay, my final essay is 'othello essay describing the effectivness and importance of act three scene three' so dont bother rating this 1, rate the other 1 as its the improved version. Any suggestions on how I could improve that essay would be terrific.
    • 02/01/2005
    • 09:08:20
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  • Amazing essay

    You clearly have a gift for writing amazing essays, the essay has a flow, you highlight key issues and explain them in great depth. But i was wondering what level this essay is, because I'm saying all of this as a 15yr old GCSE student.Overall, phenomenal effort, and an excellent essay as a reward.Ahmed
    • 30/12/2004
    • 07:57:43
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  • Very biased essay

    Whilst you may think you presnt a fair two sided arguement, you turn a blind eye on many key events that have taken place in history. I would strongly suggest you read this book: before coming up with such fringe arguments undermining the shiite sector.Ahmed
    • 27/12/2004
    • 05:23:52
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  • Very Good Essay

    Your essay has a nice flow to it, you highlight the key points, only questionmark I'd raise is why you write quotes in brackets. Apart from that, fantastic essay.Ahmed
    • 27/12/2004
    • 05:09:39
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  • Ahmed Alaskary

    Could ppl please read my essay, rate it and suggest ways i could improve it please.
    • 11/12/2004
    • 03:42:33
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  • Not a very good essay

    You have no flow in the essay, and you have missed out a lot of key issues in the book, and you don't support things with quotes often enough.
    • 10/06/2004
    • 15:14:49
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  • Hi

    Could you please tell me what u got for this piece of coursework as soon as possible.thank you.superier1
    • 08/02/2004
    • 12:45:27
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  • Very good essay

    A very good and descriptive essay which helped me immensly in writing up my final Othello essay.Ahmed
    • 04/02/2004
    • 13:30:26
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