Question: For your creative writing task write up a short story. My story is a very emotional one! Suitable for those doing their GCSE's.

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Love, the complexity of this word is so much that you could write volumes trying to define its true meaning and what love really is. No one has ever come close to explaining the true meaning of love and the concept of it, that's because the word love is so complex that describing it and explaining it to the full is impossible. Is it possible to live when no one in the world loves you? What is possible though is understanding some forms of love and how it can be gained. A family, loving and caring is arguably the most prevailing form of love that one gains in his life... but what about those whom don't remember their family or were born without one? Where is the central source of love for them? How does it feel to live a life without a family?


Rachel Watson, 16, gazed out of her window into the dark silent night outside, the stars in full glow; the moon's luminous light reflecting off the treetops below, the sounds of owls screeching was the only thing that could be heard, the inhabitants of Walsly Street all seemed to be sleeping, the only light to be seen in the distance was that of a streetlamp, no signs of movement outside in the cool breezy July night.

Rachel looked at her watch which read 2:30 a.m, she hopped out of bed and looked into the mirror, a tall girl with silvery blonde hair which fell almost to her waist, she had large blue eyes, and very white teeth, even teeth. She gaped at her reflection for a few moments before setting of back to her bed, she laid their motionless thinking about something that crossed her mind often, how does it feels to be...