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  • Pearl Harbor...?

    You just glanced at the issues that pulled America into the war (since my Junior year I also wrote a research paper on this topic...) such as Pearl Harbor... it is a moderate paper, but you really need to look in-depth at evidence.
    • 07/10/2002
    • 00:38:11
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  • Carrying a gun...

    Nice use of the evidence of "Peaceful woman", but after that the essay took a turn for the worse. Whenever you try to write formally, keep it in the third person perspective - you ended up with more of a personal opionion than an argument. Also, include an argument that is contrary to your opinion (such as how its written into the Constitution that we should be allowed to bear arms so that the government cannot gain complete power) and explain how that argument is not valid.
    • 06/10/2002
    • 16:44:24
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  • Inclusion of evidence...

    If you could cite some evidence to your points, it would be a great help to your essay. Personally, I've seen a lot of evidence that points to the opposite... but thats my view.
    • 06/10/2002
    • 16:39:59
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