13 years, 9 guys, 1 goal the story of the 2002-2003 Sam Rayburn Rebel High School Varsity Basketball Team

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13 years, 9 guys, 1 goal

13 years, Nine Guys, One Goal! Some of you, whether it's baseball, softball, or bull riding, have a passion for a particular sport, in my case its basketball. In my last year of high school, I was a part of a varsity basketball team that had a tradition of losing. It had been thirteen years since the Sam Rayburn Rebels had made it to the postseason. Talented team, after talented team failed to make the playoffs for thirteen years. But last year nine guys decided to change everything and hang a district co-championship banner atop of the gym. I would like to inform you about the hard work that was involved in our efforts to bring the word "playoffs" back into the Sam Rayburn vocabulary. Then I will mention the relationship between the members of the team, and lastly, our achievements throughout the season.

In order to achieve our goals, we knew that we were gong to have to put in many hours, and many longs days of practice in the gym. We did just that. Most people don't even get up at 6:00 in the morning, but our team was actually inside of the school gym doing shooting drills by 5:45. And after school, we would stay till 6:00 at night and occasionally till 7:00. We would do this Mon-Fri every day, not because our coach made us but because we wanted so desperately to make the playoffs and end the so-called curse. The mornings before games we would get up extra early so we would have just enough time to watch the film of our previous game.

If you plan on reaching the goals you have set out for yourself, not only do you have to have good work ethic but you...