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  • Good

    I think it was well written.
    • 07/04/2004
    • 02:42:40
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  • Its good

    this is a creative writing essay, therefore he can write watever he wants to. There is no rules saying u cant write wat u want to. And if it wasnt any good it wouldnt have been excepted. so back off.
    • 05/04/2004
    • 07:21:45
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  • Good

    i think it was great. It showed real feeling and i like that. Keep up the good work :)
    • 03/04/2004
    • 22:14:45
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  • So u dont like it

    right well first of all id like to thankyou for your criticism, but i only write things how i feel. I dont try and make dem great and wonderful. I write my thoughts down how i think of them. Use may not completely understand wat i write,but i do. I like wat i write because its real and i can totally express my self through writing it. Again thankyou for your comments.
    • 03/04/2004
    • 21:49:42
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