My Last Day At School

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On my last day at school in Canada, I told my friends "I am going to Pakistan" they cried and were very sad. They gave me gifts and threw a party for me in class; we took some photographs, and danced and enjoyed alot.

My teacher asked me to write to her and send a photogrph; she told me she wanted the class to remember me.

I went out with my friends to the cinema, and had a meal at Mc Donalds. After our meals we went to the sea where we swam and then roamed around the city. I brought some gifts for my Pakistani friends. My family and I moved to a hotel from ou house, where we stayed for two days.

We went to the airport to board the airplane, while I was waiting for the plane to arrive I saw a crowd, as I approached the crowd...

OH MY GOD! All my friends and teachers were there. My math teacher was there and he said they brought something for me; I turned to find a big shinny box. I opened it and saw a very sweet teddy bear, and notes from all my friends, saying, " Don't forget us in Pakistan." "We will love you for ever our dear friend." I heard a noise. I looked back and unfourtunately the plane had arrived, I looked back once more to my friends and teachers and boarded the plane... and as the plane took off into the sky as they were saying good bye to me. I am sure that they will not forget me, and I will never forget them.

Within five minutes Canada was lost below the clouds. I will my friends, teachers and my second home - CANADA!