Hate is

Essay by Reanna_17 April 2004

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Hate is anger kept deep with inside

Hate is a journey through an undesired ride

Hate is a calibration of feelings of guilt

Hate is happiness on a vertical tilt

Hate is guilt laid down to spare

Hate is a feeling of not wanting to care

Hate is gratitude turned to dust

Hate is love turned to lust

Hate is pain which dwells in your soul

Hate is the blackest of black coal

Hate is harmony dowsed in rage

Hate is being secluded in a dreadful cage

Hate is friendship binded with dishonesty

Hate is a rough darkened sea

Hate is being blinded by goodness in front of you

Hate is doing something you don't want to do

Hate is trust drowned in ego

Hate is not giving something a go

Hate is a heart cold as stone

Hate is the feeling of being alone

Hate is committing an awful sin

Hate is an emotion running wild with in