This is a poem that I wrote about how great you feel when you are with the right person.

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Set Me Free

Why is it when I am lost

I am always found by you

You set me free

From these chains upon me

In your arms, I am free

Free to be who I want to be

You accept you love me

I was meant to be with you

I now can see

When we are apart

My troubles start

Please, never leave me be

For you are the only one who can set me free

Free from my misery

Silence tortures me

And you are my obession

I am your sole possession

This is my confession

This is the way you make me feel

My feelings, so real

So deep

My soul, my heart

You must keep

Free me from within

My immortal sin

I wither away as I cry endlessly

But your face is the only comfort I see

You wipe my tears away

And force me to lay down my dagger for another day

Collection of my thoughts I finally feel

I think about you endlessly

As I glance over the day's reflections

Only one thing remains brightly in my mind

And that is the thought of you

Your breath, your touch

I want you so, so much

I fear the thought of living

But now I embrace it

Because of your giving

I am intrigued by the thought of your kiss

Why is it that you are the one I miss

I cry, I sigh, I bleed for you

And I almost feel like a fool for loving you

I hate it and yet

I love it

I embrace it and I cherish it

For you have set my free

From my chamber of misery

And for that, I am eternally blessed

Your love

Has put me to the test

How can I love...