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Review: 1984 by George Orwell George Orwell truly was ahead of his time when he wrote, 1984, which tells of a gruesome and devastating future society in which a powerful figure appropriately called Big Brother controls every aspect of life. The entire country of Oceania is caught in a never-ending war torn economy, with living conditions being very minimal. Aside from that, government, laws, emotions, personal beliefs do not exist, as we know it, as there is only one way of thinking, the Big Brother way. Big Brother sees everything, knows everything and thus acts accordingly. If you do not think his way, follow his rules, and do as he said, you simply cease to exist. Above all else, Privacy is a concept which does not exist, with monitors everyone, telescreens watching every movement, microphones recording your conversations, and Thoughtpolice reading your minds. It is in this environment that Winston Smith, the protagonist of the story, sets off trying to defy Big Brother and ultimately bring him down.

Winston Smith is a man who comes to the conclusion that something isn't right with Big Brother and his total control, as he begins to question the righteousness of him. As Winston begins to have "ungood"� thoughts, (as they would say in Newspeak, a language developed by Big Brother) he meets others whom he thinks share his enlightened opinions. A female companion, Julia, becomes his partner in crime in their joint quest to bring down Big Brother. They unfortunately meet their demise, as Big Brother proves to be too much, as they are caught, tortured and brainwashed. While tortured, the devilish plot is revealed to Winston, as manipulation turns out to be the key. The use of doublethink, or the ability to believe two contradictory things enables Big Brother to change...