The 7 Deadly Sins in Management

Essay by hopia October 2004

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People are born with the seven deadly sins; pride, lust, gluttony, sloth, envy, anger and greed. There is a dark side in everyone just waiting to be explored. I am sure that somewhere in our lifetime we will or already have encountered these deadly sins. When this time comes it would be very hard for us to fight the temptation. There have been cases of laziness, pleasure-seeker, immoral, and good-for-nothing persons. But for ages, human race struggled to find a conceptual system to control their spiritual shortcomings. The system had to be complex and inclusive enough to implicate a vast range of disgusting behavior, yet simple and memorable enough to inspire guilt in an illiterate peasant. Finding the appropriate system to vindicate people from these sins could be a tedious and long process. However, there are certain things that will help us respond to these transgressions, and that is its counterpart: The Seven Heavenly Virtues. The seven heavenly virtues are composed of faith, hope, charity, fortitude, justice, temperance and prudence.

Faith helps us trust other people. And by trusting other people, it helps us be more secure with our lives and dispose of our thoughts of infidelity. Hope makes us live a meaningful life. It makes us dream, grow, and enjoy life to its fullest. It gives us something to look forward to thus benefiting us by enriching our minds with good thoughts. Charity brings us closer to other people. It helps us to relate or to be aware of our environment by being philanthropic. Fortitude keeps us strong. It helps us fight temptation. Justice creates equality and righteousness. It helps us to be impartial in everything we do. Temperance is an inner quality that plays with our freewill. It controls our actions and helps us do what...