9/11/01: A Day to Reflect On.

Essay by sremde December 2005

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September 11, 2001 started out much like any other day. I arose at 4:00AM, awakened from a deep and restful slumber by an annoying buzzing sound, my alarm clock. In a slight haze, I prepared myself for another long commute to work. I climbed in my car, turned up the stereo and drove off. I stopped at the bright fluorescent lights of the corner Diamond-Shamrock gas station, in need of coffee and gas. I was greeted by the smell of gas, coffee and fresh doughnuts. After pouring me a cup of strong, aromatic coffee and filling up the car with premium gas, off I went. It was a typical morning with cool fresh air and a clear sky with countless twinkling stars stretching across the heavens. During my drive, I was treated to a beautiful New Mexico sunrise, the light breaking over the mountains to the east and the glorious colors becoming more vivid by the minute, until the sun broke over the horizon.

It turned out to be a bright, sunny, crisp fall day. At 6:30AM, I arrived at work, sat at my computer terminal, powered it up, and logged on. What I thought would be another busy but uneventful day was about to change my life in several ways. By the end of the day, I would realize how much I still care about my old hometown, New York City, and some of its inhabitants. The disaster had a profound affect on my fellow countrymen and women, bringing out a strong sense of community and pride in our country, something that had not been seen for some time. Besides the physical carnage inflicted during the attacks and the emotions it stirred, I was left with a feeling that this event foretold of major changes to our lives.