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Tyler Kelley

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English 4/101

4 February 2013

Advertisement Strategies

Phone companies have many commercials promoting their products and service. While it is not always clear which company is the best, they all make claims of having the best service. Many phone company commercials that air on television have a common theme of people sharing information or ideas fast from any place in the United States. In the Merchants of Cool, it is said that "a successful advertisement is made by addressing a specific demographic and persuading them to buy the good or service being advertised" (Goodman). AT&T's commercial "Hello" that was published October 27, 2012 is a successful advertisement because it successfully uses persuasive techniques such as loaded language, plain folks, and product comparison to convey the message that people from all walks of life can use the service they offer.

In AT&T's advertisement "Hello," a high school football player is filmed practicing.

During a play, the boy is running the ball and is about to be tackled, but he flips over the tackler as someone says "hello" in the background (AT&T). The video is then put on the internet for people to watch. Next, the viewer can see a group of kids watching the video on their cell phones during their school's lunch. The boys then repost the video on to Facebook from their phones. The next frame of the commercial a girl and boy are sitting in the back seat of a car watching the video using a phone. Next, four waiters are watching the football player's video before work. Two teenagers appear watching the video on a phone while they are at a skate park. A cabdriver watches the video in disbelief from his phone during a break at work. Next, a man getting a...