Adolf Hitler- how he came to power and how he used it, in which it brought him to a fall.

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Adolf Hitler was a man who used his position in politics to his advantage and brought his country and the world to disaster. He used violence, bloodshed and the power of speech to win people over. To most Germans at the time when he was in charge he was a good leader. I will explore his past and family, what he was like and what he was like when he raised to power.

Adolf Hitler was a man that rose to power by his persuasive speeches and caught the interest of many people. When he began the Nazi party of just a couple hundred the Great Depression would soon come and that would be the place were he would rise. In 1929 the firsts effects of the Great Depression were felt. The current government at that time which was the Weimar Republic could not cope with the crisis their country was going through and fell in 1930.

Paul Von Hindenburg was the new president. The Nazis at the time claimed to be the one group with all the answers. The Depression was killing the German Economy and the unemployment rate was sky high. The Nazis offered so many solutions and for people who never really voted before ended up voting for them. In 1932 Hitler demanded to be appointed counselor (vice president) due do the votes they had one in the election. Hindenburg was forced to do so because of Hitler's popularity. In 1933 Hitler was sworn as counselor of Germany that would lead to start of World War II.

Once Becoming counselor he passed the Enabling Act, which let his government pass laws without legislative approval. "1935 will go down in history! For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our...