Advantages of Calculators

Essay by SNOldak924 February 2003

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Calculators are a way of doing mathematical equations when used correctly. They are also a useful tool in learning mathematics. The use of calculators have only had part in the benefit of education, and with widespread availability, a full range of sizes, and a price range for any budget there should be no excuse not to own a calculator or restrict the use of calculators. Current issues with calculators have to be dealt with in order to better understand the advantage of this technology, which is the intention of this paper. Calculators should be utilized more often not only because current myths block how beneficial calculators really are but also because they create a more efficient student and easily integrated because of size and price.

Current myths about calculators are only slowing the process of the addition of calculators, which are placing students away from the real world where we are already wrapped in technology.

Tests have proven calculators are useful for means of learning but because of false information, some educators and others still believe they are harmful. It is imperative that these myths be dealt with so that the truth will be known.

One myth is that calculators are used because the students are too lazy to do the computations while the calculators to do all the work. This is absolutely not true the real understanding is to comprehend what the question is asking, knowing how to set up the problem and deciding if the answer makes sense. Calculators only help the student in the calculations and give more time to understand instead of doing tedious work that is sometimes involved in problems.

The second myth is that people will become so dependent on calculators that when without one they would be helpless. It is very important that...