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The cell phone is a new invention of the 21st century. It is still a new device in many countries, but in my country it has a long history. People do not leave their homes without their cell phones. For many people, it's a convenient way to communicate. Many parents provide their children with cell phones for safety reasons. For me, it is difficult to live without my cell phone. Cell phones have three principal advantages. The cell phone has made communication easier. In addition, cell phones provide their users with extra devices in addition to telephone. At last, cell phones can provide safety for their users.

Cell phones have become popular in the last fifteen years because they have made communication easier. People can call each other no matter where they are. Fifteen years ago, there was no way to call someone who had no access to a conventional telephone.

For example, one of my friends is a taxi driver. Before he got his cell phone, there was no way to contact him while he was at work, but since he bought one, his family is able to call him in case of emergency or whenever they need him. However, he believes his work has become easier since he got a cell phone because he does not have to use telephone booths to call his family and his parents can call him anytime.

In addition, the technology which is provided with cell phones has made life easier. Cell phones are not only telephones; they can also incorporate cameras, calendars, alarm clocks, and other devices to make life easier. The latest cell phones can even be used as a pocket computer. Cell phone users can connect to the Internet and check their email. For instance, since I got my new cell phone, I do not have to carry my laptop with me, and instead, I can use my cell phone. I can chat with friends, send email, and write notes; records lectures, and even download files from the Internet.

Last but not least, many parents provide their children with cell phones for safety reasons. The speed dial up option in cell phones lets people contact emergency numbers by pressing one button. For example, my younger sister has had a cell phone since she was nine years old. If she runs into any problems, she can easily contact my parents. Likewise, my parents can call her if they need to talk to her. For many parents, a cell phone is a convenient way to contact their children.

In conclusion, for many people, cell phones have become an important part of daily life. The ability to communicate with a cell phone, along with its other features has made life easier. However, cell phones can harm their user's health. Long term use of cell phones can damage hearing and cause certain types of cancer. I think people should only use their cell phones in cases of emergency