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ADVERTISING PRODUCT NAME: Nike Biking Shoes NAME OF SOURCE: Men's Health DATE VIEWED: April 6, 2000 MAIN APPEAL: Belonging Needs, Esteem Needs, Self-actualization FIRST IMPRESSION: 7 TARGET AUDIENCE: Adult or Adolescent males who play sports TONE: Direct CONTEXT OF AD: Middle of Magazine PROPOSITION: If you buy Nike Biking shoes then you can have the power of a steam engine in your legs to push you further than before.

CONNECTION: In this advertisement the main image is a leg that is strapped to the mechanical frame that drives the wheels of the train. The image of the leg strapped to the train shows absolute mechanical power. The connection between the product and the ad is the action that the leg is doing; it reflects the motion of a mechanical frame that moves the train's wheels. This is where "like produces like" comes into play. The photo in the ad suggests that when one wears Nike shoes, his shoes will have the same mechanical power of that of a train's wheels.

Thus this image gives the viewer of the ad a simulation of what his leg would be doing on a bike but with more power.

STYLE: The ad uses key words and key images to communicate its meaning.

A key word used in this ad is "Strapped." The word "Strapped" implies that when you wear Nike shoes you will get a secure tight fit in the shoe. This makes the viewer think that he/she will be able to pedal with strength and the force of a train. Therefore the ad makes you think that the shoes will give one the power of a train engine and in the viewer's eyes makes the Nike biking shoes a superior product to own. Another key words that are used in this...