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Table of ContentsI.Introduction.3II.Situation Analysis.5III.Objectives.8IV.Strategy.9V.Execution.10VI.Budgeting.15VII.Evaluation.17VIII.Conclusion.18IX.Bibliography19I.INTRODUCTIONThe following is an advertising plan for the band FFL. FFL is a hardcore punk rock band in the state of Colorado. The advertising plan will be premised on the release of their debut CD, "Beautiful Disaster", and the ensuing campaign to create awareness and establish the band as a brand. The music market is a highly competitive, and difficult one to enter. Therefore, an advertising/promotional plan must me created that is original, compelling, and thought provoking enough to ensure proper market saturation, and awareness of the band and its product.

FFL was formed in 2000 in Mission Beach, California. Throughout the years there has been several line-up changes. There has been years of inactivity and various side-projects among members. Now, the year is 2008, and FFL is currently based out of Grand Junction, Colorado, a town of about 50,000, with a population of 135,468 regionally, which is not necessarily conducive to a thriving music scene, let alone a punk rock one.

Herein lies the problem, the lack of proper resources locally to promote the band, FFL must look regionally and nationally in order to gain exposure. Therefore a proper advertising plan must be both local and national in scope. With the release of FFL's first full-length album there are a number of issues to consider. What publications to advertise in, what cities to perform in, all this in addition to designing cover art, merchandise and ads for magazines and web-based applications. The key is to design the bands image to collaborate with its sound, and with the various personalities of the band members. Some topics to consider are: What type of band are we? What is our specific genre? Who and what type of fans are we trying to attract? Are we political or apolitical?...