Affirmative Action.

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Affirmative action rates right up there with having a conversation about politics. When people start discussing politics, everybody has their own ideas and beliefs. Affirmative action is not much different in my eyes; many different ideas and beliefs arise. The military doesn't look at ones race to give advancement, reward, or special benefit. The way the military judges people, is on the individual merits of proficiency of the individual to do his or her job and their conduct, to conduct him or herself in doing his or her job in professional and confident manner. I never would have guessed that in today's colleges, there is such a big problem of who is admitted into medical school and who wasn't, do to their ethic background. I will answer the question, should affirmative action be allowed in medical school, and I will show how the utilitarian and deontological view can affect ones opinion.

I was raised to give everyone a fair chance. I would also like to mention that I was also raised, that one could do anything they wanted to do when choosing a profession in life. That may all sound easy enough for a Caucasian. After reading more about this topic, discussing this topic with a fellow minority, and giving it most of two days to think about it, I came to the decision, that I do agree that affirmative action in medical school is a good idea. I started to give it more of a thought on where some of the minorities come from and took into account the problems with racism that minorities had to endure over the past fifty plus years. I also gave this some thought to look at the minority's background, of where they come from. I know that backgrounds can really very, but let's...