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The decleration of Kofi Annan's plan in 12 November 2002, can be considered as one of the most important stage for the history of Turkish - Greek relations and Cyprus problem that it has brought them into a new phase and intensified the debates by getting the agreement efforts very nearer to a solution.

Since 1950, every development in the history of the Cyprus problem was not only the developments that occured with mutual acts of Turkish - Greek governments, infact they were the developments that were shapening due to the roles of third and fourth outside actors and being too much affected from the conjuncturel aspects of the international environment. For instance the importance of the period in 1959 was the bipolar world order with the cold war between Soviet Russia and U.S.A. It can be safely stated that the most important factor that led Turkey and Greece agreement in the London and Zurich on the foundation of independent republic of Cyprus was the U.S

pressure caused by her discontentment about the conflict between two Nato members that were strategically very important. In addition the political environment and time that Annan's plan was introduced is very important that Cyprus problem and it's solution has direct effect on Turkey's road to European Union and European Union's enlargement process.

Foundation of Independent Republic of Cyprus with 1959 arrangements under the Londan Zurich accords can be viewed that it's end was very near. Arrangements that were made on the governmental structure and limited functioning of the state gave the signals that it would collapse soon.( especially if the background and the road to the Londan Zurich accords are considered in terms of the intensive conflict between turkish and greek cypriots). According to Baskın Oran: It was not a formation that leaders of...