Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was born on 1879 in Ulm, Germany. Albert's Father, Herman Einstein, was a featherbed salesman, and his Mother was an ordinary housewife. Around this time Albert received his first compass. That was the beginning of his quest to investigate the natural world. By the age ten Albert had enrolled in a process of self-education by reading as much science as he could. When Albert was in high school he attempted to skip high school by taking an entrance exam, but he failed in the art portion, so his family sent him to the Swiss town of Aura to finish high school. Albert graduated from high school at the age 17 and enrolled at the ETH in Zurich. In 1896 Albert fell in love with Mileva Maric, a classmate at the ETH, and two years after Albert graduated. In 1903 Albert and Mileva got married, and had their first child, Hans in 1904.

In 1905 Albert's Theory of Relativity is born. Albert did studies of the relationships of mass energy, the speed of light, and the way in which they are observed and measured. This is known as "The Theory of Relativity". This is one of the things that Albert Einstein is known for. Albert's Theory of Relativity changed the way we understand the universe and the speed of light. In Germany, Albert started working on The Theory of Relativity. Albert Einstein's achievement helped us to understand the natural world. Einstein's Theory of Gravity is proven on 1913. On May 29, a solar eclipse proved Einstein's General Theory of Relativity worked. Albert was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for 1921.

During World War II Einstein wrote a famous letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt warning him of the possibility that Germany was building an atomic bomb and...