Alice in Wonderland, A Different Approach to Organizational Change

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This case shows how the new managing director of LVV transformed this trucking company from a "fossilized" and "arthritic" minor subsidiary of a Dutch shipping group into a revitalized organization. The case looks at how her own leadership characteristics contributed to the development of an authentizotic culture of trust, affiliation, and meaning for employees, and how the financial situation of the company was turned around as a result. Emma van Nijmegen is a rare example of a female top executive in a typically male dominated industry (Shipping and Transport). This case aims to show how LVVs remarkable turnaround from a loss making company in 1996 to a very profitable market-focused organization, was facilitated by van Nijmegen's focus on a change of culture, a change of image and a drive for open communication.

In our discussion of the case and how it is related to the organizational behavior theory, we are going to talk about Authentizotic Organizations, Female Top Executives, Leadership, Corporate Culture and Corporate Transformation.

In an article entitled "Creating authentizotic organizations: Well-functioning individuals in vibrant companies," Kets de Vires (2001) asserted: "When we look forward to the new millennium there are many themes in the world or work that are disquieting. A major preoccupation will be stress in the workplace. Statistics about illness, underperformance, and absenteeism tell a dramatic tale of dysfunctionality at work. (...) Work, however, does not necessarily need to be stressful. On the contrary, work can be an anchor of psychological well-being, a way of establishing identity and maintaining self esteem". Then, the author proposed the concept of "authentizotic organizations" to mean the workplaces where people can experiment seven senses: sense of purpose, sense of self-determination, sense of impact, sense of competence, sense of belonging, sense of enjoyment, and sense of meaning.

In the case,