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All My Sons/ The Insider The character, George Deever in the book, All My Sons and the character Lowell Bergman from "The Insider" are two different characters who are quite similiar. Both men had high status jobs. George Deever was a lawyer in New York and Lowell Bergman was producer for CBS' 60 Minutes. George and Lowell are both very aggressive and short-tempered. George strolled into the Keller house and was angered and very aggressive against Chris to take Annie away. Lowell Bergman often yelled against his co-workers to help Jeffrey Wygand. When CBS decided not to show Wygand's interview, Lowell Bergman became short tempered and became aggressive toward his peers. George Deever and Lowell Bergman also had similiar goals. They both had goals of protecting a person from a group of people. George's goal was to take Annie away from the Kellers and protect her because he thought the Kellers were bad people for putting Steven Deever in jail.

Lowell Bergman is protecting Jeffrey Wygand from Brown & Williamson tobacco company because Jeffrey Wygand has important information about the tobacco companies that was necessary for the public to hear. The personality also made George and Lowell very determined individuals. They were both very determined to protect their "special someone" from the "enemy". These were the personality and goals of George Deever and Lowell Bergman that make those two characters seem very similiar.

Jeffrey Wygand and Joe Keller are characters who both are in extreme situations. A wrong decision made by both characters could result in them going to prison. Joe Keller had produced many defected plane parts that caused many men to crash. If he made a simple mistake, Joe could easily be sent to prison like his partner, Steven Deever. Jeffrey Wygan is also in a similiar situation.