All The President's Men

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Some see "All the President's Men" as one of the greatest movies of 1976, I see it otherwise. The more I watched the movies the less I cared about what the movies was focused on. Watergate was one of the worst political scandals America has ever seen, and this movie concentrated on the sneaky and underhanded ways the two reporters got their inside story. From playing mind games on a paranoid woman to asking one of their coworkers to become a temporary prostitute so that they could get information. Those two men did everything but hold a gun to the president's head to get what they wanted. After all this Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are considered heroes, and they are credited with being the men that helped bring down a president.

Robert Redfore stars as Bob Woodward, and Dustin Hoffman is the chain- smoking Carl Bernstein. With an Academy Award winning actor portraying Ben Bradlee in an Alan J.

Pecula film. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstain were the main reporters in the uncovering of the Watergate scandal. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstain, with help from an informant named Deep Throat, are relentless in their pursuit to find out about Watergate and the people involved.

In their attempt to find information about Watergate, the two reporters had to knock on hundreds of doors and had many of those doors slammed in their faces. After a while the two men started to become as paranois as the people they interviewed. They start to hear footsteps behind them when no one's there, and they believe that their houses and telephones are tapped. And in the background is a little insignificant thing called Watergate.

In one scene Woodward and Bernstein trick an already paranoid woman into telling them five people that...