All Quiet On The Western Front

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All Quiet on the Western Front shows that war is not glorious. It was a written to show the loss of life in war. War has a hidden side to it that most people do not see until it's too late.

In this book a group of young men who at first think war is glorious go to defend their great country. But as the war goes on, the group finds how war isn't like it was said to be. The war goes on, while they watch as friends die or are permanently wounded. Then the end comes and there is only one kid left.

All Quiet on the Western Front takes place in Germany where a group of kids join up into the military. Thinking that it would be a great adventure, they enlisted, not knowing what is going to actually happen. At first, the group is sent to training.

They aren't in a serious mood about war. They end up with a hard, jerk of a drill instructor. Which makes them not serious about war in another instance. They think that war isn't as bad as it really is. When the guys are sent to the front, they start to notice how un-glorious war is. This is when the guys are stuck in the wet, muddy, cold trenches. Some of the soldiers were shell-shocked because of the constant bombing.

When one of the kids, Kemmerich, is wounded, he gets taken to a hospital where there are lots of wounded. Some soldiers have amputated body parts in order to survive. It isn't a pretty sight. While Kemmerich is in the hospital, Müller, another of the kids, ask for his pair of boots. The boots were a visible reminder to them of the cost of war.

Paul, the narrator, faces...