All Quite on the Western Front

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In the movie 'All Quiet on the Western Front' we see the boys almost innocent as

they sit in class. The teacher in this scene is pressuring the boys to go to war. He preaches

that it is their 'duty' to fight. The teacher seems very pushy and strict. He is especially

strict with Paul, the main character in the movie. In this particular scene, Paul is drawing a

picture of a bird. In Paul's family they are glad that he is going to war. His family prays for

him and they pray for the Kaiser, the ruler of Germany. We see here that this is ironic

because Paul's family is praying for someone they have never met.

When Paul goes to see his friend in the hospital, another friend asks for the boots

he has. This shows that the boys are already changing.

When the boys go to the training camp they are still innocent.

They meet Corporal

Himmelstoss. Corporal Himmelstoss is very mean to the boys and is very strict. After

completing the Training camp the boys go to war. When the boys get to the battlefield

they are told by Kat their leader, that what they learned in training camp they do not need

to know because, you don't need to know how to march in war. The first day they are

there, Paul sees a horse getting killed. He is very mad about this because the horses are

innocent and they are not involved with the war. Paul is changed emotionally by this and

he is sad about it.

After the boys see the Kaiser they talk and don't even know what they are fighting

for. One night in battle Paul killed a French soldier. Once he killed the solider he...