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Amanda Goranson

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March 21, 2007

The All Seeing Eye

Initially, I was going to read 'Big Sister Is Watching You' by Texe Marrs was for another course. Even though the instructor denied this book, I was still inclined to read it due to the nature of its subject. Once reading the initial pages, I was intrigued further by the promise of exposed hidden truths about many top political figures such as Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno, among many others.

The information provided within this book is evidence for those who possess a keen insight into human behaviors and modes of thinking. Every reader that picks up this book will be in awe at the amount of eye-opening evidence Marrs has used to expose these hidden truths. The linguistics used from page to page is articulate yet easily understood by the average citizen.

Marrs is able to hold a captive audience through his timeline of people and evidence. It is through this timeline that the reader is able to move flawlessly from one page to the next without having to go back to re-read a section.

According to Marrs, citizens of America need to be aware of the hidden agendas in order to make better, more informed political decisions. The author has coined this elite group as "Hillary's Hellcats." As Marrs states, this group has a plan that calls for a New Covenant or "Politics of Meaning" per a speech written by Hillary. Hillary's "Politics of Meaning" will preside over the socialist state and decide for us what our lives and fortunes shall be. She states within this speech that her intention is to "remold" America. Marrs states that "Hillary's Hellcats" hold a neo-Nazi theological...