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Over the past few weeks, our class has plunged into the many different reactions toward death. Some were horrific where as others were just plan sad. Attempting to relate death to an Allusion, I believe is the hardest research paper I have ever written.

Why is it, that when a person dies everyone gathers around to celebrate? We get together and talk amongst ourselves, lay the dead to rest and then go eat a ton of food. Most people, in terms of chatting and food would consider such event as a celebration, but how are the people feeling inside about death?In A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner, Emily's reaction to death is sad and at the same time little gross. Death is the end of one's life, here on Earth but Emily was not willing to let this go. By keeping dead bodies lying around the house like a morgue, she portrayed herself as a normal grieving daughter.

Unfortunately, I do believe she had to have had some type of traumatic experience to have had such a psychological reaction to death.

Faulkner wanted his readers to solve the murders of his character. The Allusion of the short story is that Emily is an old maid that no one can love, but the reality of it is that she is the murderer of her father and lover. Faulkner wanted two things in this story. One being he loved to solve mysteries and wanted the reader to enjoy the same things. Second, he wanted to give off a sexual attraction to dead corpses whether his own or strictly the short stories, I don't know.

In The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, portrays a normal town's yearly gathering to play a traditional game. In the beginning, the Jackson leads you to believe...