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Every time when I see a pumpkin, I would remember the Halloween decorations in Ocean Park; its Haunted House especially comes to my mind. I could still vividly remember Halloween two years ago; I went to Ocean Park with two of my friends. The Park was fully decorated with pumpkins and spiders. Some clowns and 'witches' were also wandering around to let people take photos of them. After I went to the toilet, I found my friends had disappeared! I felt sure that they had gone in to the direction of the Haunted House. In order to catch up with them, I went into the Haunted House.

It was totally dark inside. A few candles were hanging on the wall. I thought I could escape out from the house very soon because I knew it was not big at all. I could hear the ticking of the clock clearly, even I when spoke I could hear the echo of my voice very clearly.

I then kept walking but I could not find anyone inside the house. At that moment, I knew I was alone in the Haunted House. I started to feel scared. Suddenly I saw a Siamese cat like shadow starting to approach me and I ran but I accidentally touched something unpleasant. It was a skeleton with suit on but without a head! Some sticky things started to came off from its neck and I could smell something really pungent. It was the smell like decaying body! I also saw blood dripping off from the top. When I looked up, there were four vampires with squeaky and high voices singing 'In this town, do we love it now, everybody's waiting for the next surprise.' I could identify with this song, which came from a film called 'The...