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Hello my name is Danyal and I am a friend of Dougy. Well I was until he ran away. It was because he got teased by the school bully John. Dougy was a nice person he never done anything to John except for getting into to some fights in which he was always beaten.

Three weeks ago Dougy came to our school 'Coburg High'. He was a new student from the Middle East countries. No one really let him play with anyone so he was left alone. He was specially bullied by John. I became his friend and found out he was pretty smart.

So then we used to team up and help each other in our projects since we were in the same class. We became top students and were referred as TP. We got excellent grades in all of our subjects.

John was always used to tease me but I never took it seriously, but Dougy on the other hand always used to start a fight with John, and like always used to get bashed.

One day I couldn't take it no more, day by day I grew angrier and angrier until.

The second week of school Dougy started going by tram and one day he met john on the tram and he copped it. The next day he came to school he had burses all over him. After that day he never came back.

His family went looking for him but they never found him. They even called the police and the police are still trying to find him he is still somewhere all of our hopes are up except for mine.

Next day of school I went ad sat with John and I said to him it was your fault. He didn't know what I...