Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) at work

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The use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was positive but there were three conclusions made the way the company handled the situation. The driver’s point of view, the executives point of view, and the fellow dispatcher’s point of view. The company would be better off not using ADR until they are more developed in that area or have the correct resources. Here is an example of how this company misused ADR to create different point of views of how effective the process was.

The dispute was between an employee and one of the dispatchers for the company. The employee was a driver of a semi tractor trailer and she alleged she was treated differently than her male colleagues because the dispatcher did not assist her when she encountered difficulties in transit and he was rude in his comments to her. She reported her claim to the executive vice president of the company and they worked out a settlement where she received financial compensation for her pain and suffering, a letter of regret from the dispatcher, and now there are more training programs for all dispatchers for better ways to handle these situations and how to prevent them.

The one definitely positive outcome of this was the better training offer for the dispatchers in the front office. It helped everyone be more efficient and courteous at the same time. It was a huge benefit to the company dispatchers which directly affects the drivers. The next point of view was what was seen by the executives of the company.

This resolution was looked at as a win- win situation by the executives of the company. The way the situation was handled saved them money from legal fees necessary when in court, was taken care of quickly, and in the end there was...