The American Dream

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American Dream This country, from the very beginning, has been compiled of people who wanted a better life for themselves, many, away from their persecuting homelands. As America grew, people not only came in search of freedom, but in search of more successful lives in the country known as, "the land of opportunity." The trend was nicknamed "the American Dream" and natives and immigrants alike have worked hard to be able to build a family, own a car and home, and have a successful job and fulfilling life. The American dream is everyone's ambition to live a successful life in this country and represents how hard Americans have worked and their deep aspirations.

The American dream fulfilled means achieving the goals one has set for themselves. Unlike the 1960's "stereotypical" American dream of having a family and owning a home and car, it has become more than just that.

People now dream of owning their own businesses, becoming doctors or famous athletes, being at the top of their trade, or even becoming homemakers. It has evolved to become whatever a person wants out of life and the path they take to achieve it. Some dream big, and others a little smaller, but everyone has a place in this world and a place where they want to be in it. Sometimes the two are the same, and other times they are not. However, through hard work and strife, helping and knowledge, life will give you whatever you want and as much as you deserve of it. Beverly Sills once said," There are no short cuts to any place worth going." This means that if you want something, hard work and struggle is the only way to get it. This holds true for everything that one would like to achieve, including...