American History X

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SWEENEY Nothing here. Is everything all right over there? DANNY Everything's fine.

SWEENEY How's it comin'? DANNY I'm doing it right now.

CMRIS Who is it, dude? DANNY (covering the receiver) It's Sweeney.

CHRIS Who?! Why is he calling here!? Fuck you, Sweeney! Asshole! JASON (grabbing the receiver) Get a fucking job, you reggie! Danny grabs the receiver back and yells at his friends.

DANNY You fuckers are going to get me booted! (into the receiver) Dr. Sweeney? I'm sorry, man.

SWEENEY Just make sure it's on my desk tomorrow, Danny.

DANNY It'll be there, alright!? SWEENEY It better be.

Sweeney hangs up abruptly. Danny slams the phone on the hook, gives it TME FINGER, and looks at his friends.

DANNY Let's go.


INT. TRUCK - DEREK AND SETH They sit in the car as a band JAMS from Cam's house.

Shiftless Seth throws on a black CRO-MAG t-shirt and tosses his work shirt in the back. He wolfs down a burger as Derek rolls his foot on a basketball on the floor.

SETH You're an idiot if you ask me.

DEREK I'm not asking you.

SETH What if he writes something stupid and that nigger turns you in? Jesus. He didn't testify, Der. They can use that shit and re-try you.

Derek takes a long stare at Seth, who devourshis burger.

DEREK Sweeney's not gonna do anything, Seth.

He helped get me released.

Seth is a pathetic vision to Derek. Derek stares at him for several moments.

DEREK I'm out, Seth.

Seth wipes his mouth and casually meets eyes with Derek.

DEREK I'm only going to tell you this once so pay attention. I'm done, Seth. I don't want you to come near me...near Dan...I...