Analys swift in the story of Gulliver's travels.

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When I first started reading the book I thought its only purpose was to talk about the political system in England. But after some pages I found that there could be a deeper message concealed, between the lines somewhere. The book is divided into four minor novels. The first is about the Lilliputian's the second about Gulliver visits the giants, the third about the flying island and last about Gullivers travels to the land of Houyhnhmland.

In the first book Gulliver gets shipwrecked and ends up on the island Lilliput were some inhabitans of the island finds him and ties him to the ground. The king hears of the news and sends the army to stop the giant from escaping. Gulliver is then taken to the king's castle were he is searched fore weapons or other dangerous items. The Lilliputians are divided into two tribes. One is holding Gulliver and the other lives on the second island which is separated from the first by a canal (resembles of England and France) .

Gulliver is at the littlenders and the enemy is the bigenders which live on the island of Blefuscu. Gulliver helps the Littlenders to defeat the bigenders. In this book Swift emphasises the stupidity in the war between England and France and also every war which starts over a stupid reason, he also points out the meaningless in courtlife were they do nothing but waste the states money.

At he lilliputians he builds a raft which he uses to sail back to England. But instead he finds himself shipwrecked and washed upon the shores of Brumbidang or the giants land. there he was found by a farmer whom handed him over into his daughters care. The farmer uses Gulliver for finical reasons and shows him...