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People in today's society have their own opinions on how other people should conduct their own lives. In The Giver, Lowry portrays her ideal society of "sameness"� through rules, rituals, customs and responsibilities. A society in which everyone is equal and are treated equally. Her ideology of sameness is different from those that we studied in class because she solely focused on the society as a whole, instead of focusing on the family, or letting behavioral psychologists be the rulers of a society. She came up with a society that depended on and focused on everyone in the community as a whole, instead of focusing on one part of a society.

The society that Lowry created was a utopian society with no decisions. Every decision is made for every person within the community. Everything from when a child can start riding a bike to if someone were to want to get married, then they would have to put in a request to have the Committee of Elders find a suitable mate for them.

In this example of a utopian society, they (Committee of Elders) have done away with decisions for the society in order to make life easier for them. For example they took out hills because they would slow trucks down, which would slow down the production of goods, so they did away with them. Not only did they introduce sameness to the society but also climate control played another big part in it. The people in this community knew nothing of snow or even extremely hot weather; they only knew what they saw day in and day out, the same thing.

Among this society of sameness also came many rules. There were many different rules, rules that were directed to the children; kids can't ride bikes until...