Analysis of Privacy Issues at B2B and B2C

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Web Site MarketingThe ability to effectively develop an appropriate marketing mix and convey the desired marketing message is an essential element in any successful business strategy. The ability of the internet to reach new markets requires the creative use of marketing strategies as a means of gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace while developing loyal, satisfied customers and achieving long term growth (Electronic Commerce, 2004, Pp. 22-26). In turn, this function will produce contented clients.

This paper evaluates marketing strategies used by the websites of three major domestic retailers, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Sears, with specific emphasis on the customer service provided by each site. It first identifies the marketing tools used by each website, and then describes the evaluation tool and the essential customer service characteristics developed by a learning team to assess each site. Using the chosen evaluation criteria, the paper then evaluates each site for customer service, then compares and contrasts each website in terms of marketing tools used and customer service provided.

Next, the paper then identifies the best website based on the evaluation criteria with an analysis of the marketing tools used and the website’s approach to customer service. Based on this analysis, learning teams offer recommendations for improvements to both marketing and customer service for each website. The paper concludes with a summary of the learning team’s observations.

Marketing Strategy and ToolsIn terms of marketing strategy, Best Buy and Sears use product-based and customer-based marketing strategies. This is the latter to a much lesser degree that establishes web presence (Electronic Commerce, 2004, Pp. 213-221). Both retailer’s commercial web site home pages are organized in typical product-based fashion, listing the various product categories one would expect to see for a traditional business-to-consumer site design.

However, they also provide links...