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Bull is a large company that works to meet organizations IT requirements. They deliver technology to companies but also make it affordable. They design and implement IT systems.

Bull has several sales processes that it follows when they are trying to make a sale.

These are:


This is where the sales person locates and qualifies the prospect. At Bull they will identify a niche in a specialist market. For example, healthcare. They will see an advertisement in the European Journal and then contact the customer and qualify. They will also get customers from exhibitions.


The sales person obtains an interview with the prospective client and determines the customers needs. They develop a profile of the customer and develop selling strategies. They will match the customers perceived needs with Bulls products. They will take into account such things as the size of the hospital, the activity report and whether it is going to be on a network.

They might give the customer a disk of their software so they can see what it is like.


This is where the salesperson meets the prospective client and begins a personalized sales presentation for them. They will discover any further needs the client may have.


The salesperson will give a presentation to the customer using demonstrations and proof statements from existing customers. They will relate the products to the customers needs.

Bull also showcases their products to potential customers. They will show them around other hospitals that they have sold products to and show them the system they put in there. This gives the new customer the chance to see the system working and will be able to hear what the existing customer has to say about Bulls products. This is a reference site visit and can also be...