Analysis of Thaddeus Watulak's "Affirmative Action Encourages Racism"

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Analysis of Thaddeus Watulak's

"Affirmative Action Encourages Racism"

It was as if even I were being discriminated against as I read Mr. ThaddeusWatulak's

Essay on the relationship between affirmative action and discrimination. I had never actually

thought about the implications or the effects of such a policy before. Mr. Watulak angrily asserts

that affirmative action is most definatly a barrier to good relations between black and white

America. He asks the question, " How is affirmative action racist "(206), and then proceeds to

explain by appealing to the readers sense of right and wrong, by using many anecdotes, and by

considering the posiblity of affecting a reader who might be benifiting from affirmative action.

Watulak suggests that affirmative action must be discriminatory based simply on the

definition of discrimination itself - action or policies based on prejudice or partiality (206). This

is an excellent use of a resource to make his point, as he follow it up by attacking the founder of

this policy, the U.S.

government and the fact that our society is supposed to be based on

equality. His tone becomes an outrage at the insinuation that the white race should pay for

racial crimes commited by our ancestors. He states that, " No one alive today has ever been a

slave or owned a slave " (206), so why should we be punished. Watulak clearly believes that

these issues must be driving a gap into good race relations.

Mr. Watulak's use of anecdotes in his essay also give a strong support to his thesis.

Many times he uses these anecdotes to "paint a picture" for the reader. For example, he

explains that he will never understand why an "Old-money American family" of Hispanic

descent should recieve preferrence over a "dirt-poor", Australian immigrant. Through-out the...